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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Tuesday 18th May Socks Ta-Dah

Hello all.
The sock Ta-dah!
Yes I know only a pair of socks but it's something finished, a bit more stash used up and a happy son so I'm feeling pleased.
These socks were started on holiday whilst we in France at half-term. We went here - a beautiful place, which I would thoroughly recommend. It didn't look quite as sunny when we were there though, more like this. Strangely, and possibly due to the other wonderful friends that came with us, and large amounts of Crement (Champagne) I didn't knit as much as I had expected I would. Happy days.
I've decided on the next project!!!!
This is called Augusta and it's from May Let's Knit Magazine.
A Mobius type thingy with a twist in.
It uses sock yarn and is a feather and fan type pattern. I'm doing it in Regia Hand-Dye Effect yarn.
Another confession.
Something I need to show you.
It is the front garden and boy o boy does it need attending to.
It is a weed infested mess. I show it to you in the hope that I am soooo embarrassed by it that I will get to it and sort it out.
Watch this space.
On a better note in the back garden, this perennial geranium has just come into flower. It produces huge mounds of beautiful flowers that make me stand still and go ooooooooo.

That's all for now.
Byeeee Clicky Needles.


  1. I like the Mobius shrug - but I would worry that it would stay in place! Your front garden looks like mine - and Mr JK and I are both on the committee of our local hoticultural society! We have been waiting for a couple of years now to get some building work done, so just haven't bothered! We are achieving a 'meadow effect' most satisfactorily! Well done to your son on his socks - great stuff!

  2. I know what you mean about the Mobius - I've not made one before so this is a bit on an experiment - jury's out! I'm not sure I get to the front garden today either - TOO HOT!!!!!!


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