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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunday 27 June ~ Blimey It's Hot!

Well, what fabby weather.
I am loving it very much.

Oopsy ~ England are out of the World Cup. The flags on the car will come off and the Cross of St George is no longer hanging out the window.
Hey Ho.
I've been having a lovely time pottering around the garden today ~ sometimes having to find a bit of shade to cool down, drinking the Elderflower Cordial which my Mum made and I have to say it was very nice.
Recipe is here if you fancy trying it.
Do you like my lovely new tray I got from Tesco this week?
I've got a few bits and pieces done this week as well. DD asked for a Cosy for her I-Pod Nano, so always happy to use up bits of sock yarn I produced these two. I dyed the yarn myself a while back with food colouring. I couldn't decide which colour to go for ~ so just went for the lot!
The other thing I've made is this crochet market bag. The knitting group I go to met yesterday ~ the only problem being is it is in a Anderson Classroom which heats up much like and oven ~ so I took some cotton which was in the 'use it or loose it' pile and made a market bag.
I think it might live in the car ~ so I've always got a bag ~ just in case.
I had this little bit of cotton left and ~ takes a big breath ~ I THREW IT AWAY.
I may need a lie down.
I also managed to get some Ripplyness done yesterday whilst DD had a riding lesson.
Again heat was a problem ~ so I draped the blankie over the steering wheel and made a bit of a wooly tent ~ but staying cool myself. It's coming along quite nicely now.
Here's a pretty Clematis which is rambling up through a Twisted Willow ~ doesn't that sky look beautiful.
My Favourite Place is under this and the bubble pool is on the other side of the deck. The buoy was a present from from lovely neighbours we had.
DS is away for 3 days on a Residential ~ so a quiet drive to school/work for me.
We're away camping next weekend with some wonderful friends ~ I hope that the weather holds. You can expect lots of tenty pictures!!!
Have a good week.
Byeeeeeeee Clicky Needles.

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  1. I can't believe the weather either though am not enjoying it so much, apparently I have no summer clothes and it makes my poor fair skinned, ginger haired and seemingly allergic to the heat husband feel very grumpy!!

    Hope the week ahead stays lovely and sunny for you.


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