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Monday, 6 September 2010

Camping Weekend (Toasty PJs)

I just needed to update you on our camping weekend.
We were at a site right next to Upper Heyford USAF site. The site was abandoned by the US Air Force in 1994 so the area is a bit of a strange ghost town. Nevertheless we had a very pleasant weekend.

I can report my new PJs were simply D~I~V~I~N~E.
No waking up with chattering teeth.
I also ditched the (new) mummy sleeping bag (which I bought last year thinking it would save space) for the lovely old cotton lurid thing that is quite a few years old.
Ah Heaven!
I was soooooooo proud of my new PJs (yes you're right JosieKitten they are a bit Christmassy) I sat outside the tent in them for a good hour.
We had a nice walk in the sunshine and very strangely ended up at a pub ~ the boys were leading could that have anything to do with it?
Part of the fun with camping with B, S and J is the food we manage to consume.
We had a choice of breakfast,
which I chose
or English
which the others had.
We are carefully watched by Bertie, B and S's dog, who is loved very much by DS .
As per usual not a lot of knitting goes on during these weekends, too much fizz and giggling for concentration.

First day back at school with the kids today ~ it's really nice to see them all again, let's see if I think that by the end of the week!
Off to knit now to make up for the weekend.
See you.....Clicky Needles.

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend. I think that I'd have found it hard to resist that breakfast butty! Have a good first week back!


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