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Monday, 18 October 2010

Oh Dear! cast on something new.

I didn't get my post done yesterday ~ this being for purely selfish reasons.
I have started this jacket.
The wool is so lurvely to knit with I didn't want to stop to blog!!
The wool for this was a bargainous £1.20 from our favourite on-line yarn shop Kemps ~ it's called Nature's Way by Stylecraft and 100 per cent undyed virgin wool, the colourway Herdwick. I was very torn that I should be buying Cotswold but decided that this colour was a bit nicer although......................
How do you know about these bargains I hear you ask.
The answer is very simple. During the last Butterfly Group Meeting a very naughty enabler sat next next to me and tempted me for a full 2 hours telling me how cheap it was.
Yes she was right ~ it was.
I did mange to resist until Sunday night before ordering but then caved in.

The Crochet *squeak* Blanket is carrying on nicely, about half way up DS's bed.
The cherry tree has now completely changed colour and dropped most of it's leaves but what were remaining on the tree on Sunday were looking glorious.
I 'hovered' up the ones on the lawn with the lawnmower and gave the grass a cut too, which has carried on growing despite the cooler weather.
This poppy has just popped up a few new buds.
I had to wash the car on Sunday, after being stalked around Tesco's car park by one of the washers. He walked the whole length of the car park to ask me!
I took this to be a big hint and finally got to it myself.

DD is off on Wednesday night for the ACTUAL D of E Silver Expedition so we'll be needing more Kendal Mint Cake and Mars ~ and let's hope it's not too cold at night time!
She's really busy at the moment she's joined a ladies football team
and the Army Cadet Force.

Still not sewn those buttons on the purple cardi ~ not my favourite job.....still, maybe next week.
Have a good time whatever you get up to.
Bye Clicky Needles.

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  1. Oohh!! That cardigan is lovely. The yarn looks gorgeous, and £1.20 a ball, the Knitting Police would have been after you if you didn't buy it! ;)


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