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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Remembrance Sunday

We will remember them.
Today we have joined many people across the world in an act of remembrance.
On this damp and cold morning DD joined her platoon for first time at the Stroud Remembrance service.
These four young Cadets were Honour Guard around the Memorial and stood like statues the whole time.
As DD has not yet 'passed' she was part of the Gate Guard.
This is the rest of her platoon marching.
And the wreaths that were laid.
The two minute silence gave time for reflection and those words
"For your tomorrow, we gave our today"
spoken by a Young Cadet brought tears to my eyes.

Reading the blog of my friend Burgundy Dreamer she has been to two services today, and has a poignant story to tell, have a look.

On Friday I went to a crochet group at where else? ~ my favourite local yarn shop Along Came Polly ~ and took the Squeaky Blanket that DS has claimed. One of the ladies was really taken with it and said it 'was inspirational' ~ I'm very flattered.
I've been sewing up the Herdwick Jacket and the swaps are coming along a pace too, so I'm feeling quite happy with them.

I've got to get Christmas Shopping started and to that end I shall be spending Friday this in Cheltenham so wish me luck!

As always have a good week whatever you do.
Bye for now ....Clicky Needles.

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