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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

I know, it's Tuesday.

Hi there folks.
I seem to have been a busy bee of late and missed my usual Sunday post altogether.

It did mean however, when I turned on the Mac on Monday I had all these blogs to read. The very clever Mac gives me this view and a little star in the corner if a new post has been made, so I've had a nice time catching up on everybody's news.
I saw my Mum and Dad on Sunday and the orange Girly Shawl I made for Mum matches her orange jumper perfectly (which fortuitously she was wearing!) so we were both pretty pleased.
I'm very excited about putting the pattern for the Girly Shawl on Ravelry, it's gone into quite a few queues and of course, my pal Romain has made it too.

I'm currently making another shawl - this time just in stocking stitch using this yarn.
I'm pretty darn pleased with this too.
Why? I dyed the yarn myself!
with the birthday pressie dyes that Mr Clicky Needles gave me.
Although the wind has been gusty to say the least, signs of spring are around. When I drove to work on Thursday morning I saw a hare and as I drove home some Snowdrops had magically appeared. I will stop and take some photos they are so lovely.

These signs made me venture into the garden and I found an early Hellebore.
I've still not got any Daffodils though, being on top of the hills, this bunch came from Tesco's bargain bucket for 50p, something sunny to cheer us up.
Pupils and adults alike at school are looking forward to half term, only 2 weeks to go! I'll hopefully have some news for you next week which will explain why I've been busy.......but you'll have to wait for a bit!

Have a good week...............Clicky Needles.


  1. Wow! Your yarn is lovely! Such deep jewel-like colours. What dyes did you use? And congrats too for putting your pattern onto Ravelry! What an achievement!

  2. I love your colors. I have a Mac at home too but my blog subscriptions don't show up like that. Is that Safari you have open and displayed?

  3. Love that yarn!! Will check out your shawl pattern next.

    Hugs, Teresa

  4. You made a lovely job of your yarn didn't you? I love the colours. Half term can't come soon enough, my littlies are so ready for a break.
    Look forward to hearing your news.

  5. Yarn is great Cath, something I have been meaning to do but not got there yet!! It looks as though its knitting up nicely too, will look forward to hearing exactly how you did it.

  6. Ooohh, I love your dyed yarn! The colours are beautiful. What dyes did you use? And congratulations on your pattern being on Rav, I'll have to have a look.


  7. Hi,

    Its sonja from crochet this morning. Can you remind me of the name of that new knitting book you were talking about on the sofa today as I wanted to take a look for myself please?



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