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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Yukky Weather.

Hello all.
It's been a very damp, foggy and dreary week so far.
We've been tootling around doing some bits and pieces.

I went to Knit and Knatter at Along Came Polly on Tuesday ~ great to be able to go and relax in wooly surroundings with the added bonus that TWO skeins of my Hand Painted Yarn have sold!
There were a few Girly Shawls being made as well which was so exciting.

When I got home I got down to some more dyeing.
Fuelled by this cake and some Comic Relief Maltesers, I managed to dye my last 5 blanks.
They are all drying at the moment, nearly ready for the best bit, rewinding and skeining up again.

Some more excitement to share, I have finished my shawl.
I'm going to call it A Bit of A Frill.
I am quite frilly sort of a girl and I really like it. I'm just teasing you here, I'm going to try with some better pics tomorrow.
I took it to knitting group to make myself finish. I was grumbling and complaining about it when my ever helpful friend M pointed out 'Well of course, you've got 900 stitches there.'
Mmmmm, yep she's right but I think the finished result is worth the 900 stitches. Judge yourselves when I do a reveal!

I came down this morning to find these in the living room today.
They are DD's wellies which she got as a Christmas Pressie. They were in the garage but DD has decided they 'were a bit lonely in there' so they've now taken up residence in the living room ~ I wonder how long they'll take to get into her bedroom.

I've also been working on my website this week, I will of course, give you details when it's up and running.

Mr Clicky Needles has the day off tomorrow so we're having a day together.

Hope you have fun whatever you get up to.
Bye for now........Clicky Needles.


  1. Congrats on selling some of your yarn! How exciting! Enjoy the rest of half term. It's whizzing by far too fast for my liking!

  2. That's great that you sold some yarn!! I hope you're going to sell your yarn on your website.. I'd buy some!

    Hugs from Oregon -- Teresa

  3. I bought your yarn! It's gorgeous and I love it, I just couldn't go home without it! I'm going to make an ishbel shawl with one skein, and maybe socks with the other one - haven't decided. Thanks anyway, it's gorgeous colours!


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