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Monday, 17 October 2011

Just bimbling along

Hello folks.

Hope you're all ok, things have been bimbling along as normal here.

The weekend was quite warm, so I spent a bit of time in the garden and planted some daffodils.

Seeing the sight of Josiekitten's lovely wood burner last week made me think of a cosy fire too, so I got our local woodman to drop this lot off.  This should keep us warm with all that snow that is supposed to be heading our way.
Not that you'd think it was getting colder, it was lovely on Saturday.  This balloon was taking full advantage.
As you can see I've 'made' my felt bead necklace ~ if threading a few beads on elastic can constitute  making it!!!!!
I couldn't resist starting my Aran Swing Jacket with the yarn I got from Woolfish at Ally Pally last week.  I have since discovered that it is New Lanark Aran.  
I've nearly finished the back.
Unfortunately the other jumper I was working on has been tossed into the corner and it's full steam ahead on this.  Just nice simple garter stitch.
 That's about it from me really, looking forward to next week and a bit of a break for half term.  
Wrap up well for that frost and cold that's coming.
Have a good week...............Clicky Needles.

Thanks for your comments about 'The Churned' last week, I knew you'd like them.


  1. We saw a balloon landing yesterday, I have never seen that before! It was lovely weather yesterday too, not like today.

    I like your jacket, may I ask where you got the pattern? I'd like something similar myself.

    I shall envy your log-pile, I have hankered after one for years but still don't have a fire place...

  2. Hi toffeeapple. Pattern here on the Woolfish site. I tried the jacket on and fastened it on an empire line and it looked much better than the one in the picture. I also really like the aran waistcoat/jacket pattern too............

  3. Hi Cath,Bimbling along sounds great, is that a Glos expression, never heard it before.
    Love the necklace...might have to pinch it as its my colours. Hopefully see you Saturday?

  4. We've lit the wood burner again since then, and Flo has pole position!! I must get some bulbs planted before it's too late!


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