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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Jacket Ta-Dah.

Hello again.

Look at my jacket!
I am soooo pleased with it.

I can honestly say I've enjoyed every stitch.
I like it fastened on the empire line, I think it looks better for my body shape.
I suppose if it's really cold I'll do it at the top.
I am pleased that my friend Romain persuaded me to go for the grey yarn, there was a lovely brambly purple and a lime green, but I think upon reflection she was right, grey goes with more.
I've worn it lots already and don't feel swamped in it, so the job's a good 'un.

After finishing that, I got my friendship squares done for this month, these are in Rowan Silk Wool, a lovely yarn to work with. 

If any of you read Northern Monkey's blog, you'll know that she announced she would not be Christmas Knitting this year.
I boldly declared Me Neither!  but whilst having a bit of a stash dive on Friday I came across these (newly acquired) balls of Rowan Wool Cotton from Romain.  
A lovely palate of colours with a ball of each.  
What to do with them?
 An idea suddenly sprung into mind.  A crochet scarf, but for whom? 
 I've got so many scarves already and do I really need another?
Ah-hah I'll give to my (new) teacher for Christmas.  And there it was.  I slipped into Christmas Knitting (crochet) without even realising.   I am loving the colours, the plum really gives the scarf depth. 
Yummy yummy.
And the best bit?
There will be enough yarn left for another scarf.
Just as well, because I was thinking I wouldn't be able to give it up.
A girl can never have too many scarves ...........
I've a few more rows to go on this one yet.

I read with much amusement today The Really Big Dream Blog.  I have mentioned J and M in the past they run this fabulous gite Les Cerisiers in Burgundy France.  J has taken up knitting and has the bug for sure, I know this because she has written " I couldn't put my knitting down and took it to friends houses, on a plane ride to the UK, to visit relatives and even to bed with me!"  I left her a comment which read "Welcome to my world."  I'm tickled pink that she's fallen hook, line and sinker.

Talking of pink, look what the postie brought me.  A lovely new pair of  (half price) ~Crocs from Rubbersole.  My old pair were 6 years old and have no grip left, so it was about time.  I know they are a Marmite thing, and I love them.  I wear them around the house everyday and they're great for going into the sea with, to ensure you don't step on any seaweed, crabs or other pointy things.  

I hope you have a good week and better weather than us last week, being 'on the top' of the Cotswolds meant we were shrouded in fog and didn't see much sky at all.  It all gets a bit depressing.

Right, a few more rows on the scarf and it's done, maybe I'll start another too......

Have fun,

Bye for now..................Clicky Needles.


  1. Your jacket looks great! I hadn't considered pinning it at the waist, but you're right; it is quite flattering :) I'm sure you are very satisfied with your lovely work. Good luck with your scarves!

  2. I'm not saying I told you so (but I did)!! The wool cotton was left over from a cardigan I made called Punch. (In my projects). It came out too big at the time but as I said on my project page - I grew into it.

    Love the jacket and the scarf.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my post :). I worked out last night that I did not have enough yarn to finish that scarf in Let's Knit - I should have figured it out really :/ but saw on the pattern in the booklet use your Free Yarn! :( Never mind - I got a bit of practise on cables anyway and ripped it all back this morning to save for another little project.

    Want to do this scarf at some point though so perfect excuse to shop for enough chunky yarn to make one.

    Love your jacket it looks very warm !

    Leah x

  5. The jacket is so beautiful! Really suites you and looks so well made. Stunning!
    Felling the fog bound thing too. It was terrifying going across Selsley common last week at night.

  6. Your jacket is wonderful, I'm sure you'll get loads of wear out of it. I must be the only person who's never owned a pair of crocs.

  7. I really like your jacket, especially when fastened at the top. So nice to be able to make something useful and lovely to wear.

  8. I do like that jacket - might have to take a looky at the pattern! And a girl can never have too many scarves in my view either!

  9. Very very clever!! Both ways loook fab!! and very warm!

  10. You have my colour Crocs, my indoor ones. I do like your jacket, I knew it would look good when finished.

  11. Wow!! Your jacket is fabulous, and I love the colour. :)

  12. Your sweater is absolutely gorgeous and you're so slim.. lucky you! You could also crochet up a big colorful flower to wear on it if you wanted to add some color. Good job!!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Your jaclet look great - I think I may have that pattern in a book, or one very like it. Debbie Bliss?


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