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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Spring Flowers and Wellies

Hello folks.

I'm back to work and had some very blustery playground duties this week.

Thanks for your lovely comments on last year's projects.  I did leave some off, what I didn't tell you is that it took some time to make the mosaics, because of this I've added a new page to my blog and I'm putting on projects as they are finished, I think this should make things easier.

My first project of the new year is a Kindle Cosy for 'Miss Sparkle' our reception teacher.  She'd told me she was getting a Kindle for Christmas and she loved the Adriafil Knitcol yarn that I made my Ipad cosy with, so I knew she'd like this.  She made lots of squeals when I gave it to her!
The sun was out today and whilst not hot it was pleasant outside.  I took a wander around the garden and found some Hellebores in flower.

This Primrose has been flowering since the Autumn.
I also washed my (very dirty) car.  Not the most exciting job in the world, but I got to wear my new wellies.  Some of you may have seen Lucy's wellies that she got from Next.  When I saw these knitted wellies I was very excited.  I rushed down to Next and ordered some.
Now I need to tell you, I usually get green farmer's wellies.  They are very boring but there is lots of  room for tucking in jeans, thick socks and large calves ~ the ones on your leg not the sort that moo.
Anyhoo, when the Next ones were delivered they were too tight.  I was very sad.  Boring green for me then.

I popped into the Factory Shop before Christmas and came across these swirly lovelies.  I put in my leg.  They fitted!  How can this be?  I then noticed a label saying 'Extra Wide Leg.' That'll be it then.  I love 'em and proudly splashed around in them, whilst removing the layers of mud that had built up on the car over the last few months.

I'm keeping one of my resolutions already! 
 I laid out all the squares from my Summer Granny Square Blanket to see where I am.  I've made about 160 squares so far, so I've some way to go but this is getting my full attention.
It does look lovely and bright!
Righto off to crochet some more, the ironing's already done, so a whole evening of hooky.  Bliss!

Take care and have fun..................................Clicky Needles


  1. Those wellies are fab! And good on you for getting on with your blanket. I need to dig my sock yarn blankie out of hibernation!

  2. Oooo pretty pretty blanket! I would love it if one of those little squares fond it's way to the Beautiful Blogger Blanket of 2012! :)x

  3. The crochet squares are great, the finished blanket will be brilliant!

  4. That Kindle cosy is great and I love the striped effect of the Adriafil yarn. I must buy some too when I'm next at Along Came Polly.

    The granny square project is looking great too - a real labour of love.

  5. Happy New Year!
    I can never get wellies to go over my calves with jeans tucked in so I resorted to gaters. No place near as glam as your lovely wellies.
    That yarn is lovely. Definately going to research that.

  6. I love those wellies, and it just so happens that we have a Factory Shop nearby so I may have to pop in. Your blanket is looking fab, so colourful.

  7. Love the wellies. I'm still in boring green cos they were specially made for biggy calves. Glad manufacturers make biggies now! Nice to see the hellebores coming out again, We've a couple out.
    Hope you're wearing some of those knitted scarves in the playground. x

  8. Loving the wellies. I need new ones as my purpley-pink-with-sparkles ones are getting a bit thin on the sole (I take a size 5 so can often find boots in the children's dept). Hubby found some navy blue Croc ones on eBay (reduced) and ordered them for me, but then got a message to say they'd made a mistake and didn't have mine in stock and I'm not going to be paying £40 for a pair of wellies so I'm still on the hunt for new ones!

  9. You are such a busy and wonderfully productive girl! Love the kindle cozy. I need to make one for my iPad. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Lovely kindle cosy- I keep saying I must crochet something similar for my iPad, but I haven't managed it yet!
    Gorgeous colours in your blanket squares too- Clever you!

  11. The helebores look stunning! I love the colours you have chosen for your blanket.

  12. That cover is GORGAGEOUS CN!!!!
    Love love love the colours and the blanket is super super cute.
    Keep up the good work-it looks fantastic:)))
    Best wishes

  13. That cover is very pretty! I like that yarn a lot. I've seen it at my LYS but never bought it, but now I may just have to after seeing it knit up. Kinda makes me want an ipad too, just to knit a cover for it.

  14. The crochet squares are great, the finished blanket will be brilliant!


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