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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Scarecrow Trail Part 1

Hi there!

Every Easter Chalford has a Scarecrow trail, have a walk and  find clues to a riddle.  The scarecrows are absolutely fabulous.  It must take a huge amount of effort and thought making these wonderful things.  We have lived up the road for nearly 12 years now and have never been, so Mr Clicky and me decided it was time to have a go too. 

 It was raining, misty, drizzly rain the sort that gets you really wet without you noticing it.  We couldn't rouse the children to join us, so we went on our own.  We donned our wellies and got prepared for the wet.
Mr Clicky set off on the very steep footpath
and we were soon finding them.
 General scarecrows.

 Daniel Craig and George Clooney (and why wouldn't you?)

Two camping in the vale and Peppa Pig and family. 
 Lady in Lavender and cat by it's gypsy caravan.

Clown and Bob the Builder (he still had the house to finish) 
The cottage that Amy Winehouse was sat by was beautiful. 
Policewoman to keep everyone in check and Zebedee and Florence.
There was an Olympic theme in some.
 Boris Johnson ( we laughed a lot when we saw this), the Olympic Mascot and a diver.

Well, as this post is rather picture heavy I'll show you the rest tomorrow including our lovely tea and cake.

Bye for now, have fun ................Clicky Needles.

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  1. Wow - Certainly a bit different - and some exercise up that steep footpath - no donkeys out in Chalford on Easter Monday then. Shame D S didn't go he would have enjoyed it. dojo xx


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