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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Bimbling Along


Life has been carrying on in the Clicky Needles' household much as normal.  I missed my usual post last Sunday, partly because I didn't have a lot to say and partly because DS was using the computer for homework. 
When I was ready I got sidetracked other people's lovely blogs; still better late than never.

As it is Remembrance Sunday DS' rugby match was stopped at 11.00 and they observed the two minute silence.  They played two matches today and won both of them, so a happy boy.

School has been a bit manic for me, on Tuesday I went on a trip to @Bristol which is a great fun, hands on Science Centre.  The following day we had a Science Subject Ofsted Inspection so we're now awaiting the report to see how we have done.

Mr Clicky and me went to see Skyfall on Friday.  I'm a Bond fan and enjoyed it Daniel Craig very much.  I won't give anything away if you've not seen it.

As we've had a cold but sunny day I've pottered around the garden tidying up a bit.  This is certainly a change from last Sunday which was wall to wall rain and snow.
I've carried on with my Olivia jumper, the sleeve is now finished.   It is close fitting and I'm a bit concerned that it is too tight under the arm, we'll see.
I've started a scarf in that Sublime Wooly Merino I got in Ally Pally.
It's just stocking stitch as I want it to roll inwards.
I've received some more squares for my Friendship Blanket.
 The ones I'm making for (last!) month need to be jewel colours.   I had several stash dives hoping to find something fitting but unfortunately I found nothing.  Why I looked a second time I'm not sure ~ was anything new going to turn up?  Anyhoo when I was in Stroud with Mr Clicky yesterday I found this which should be fine.
I'm going to get cracking on that later.

We've had some new photos from La Petite Maison. Why not pop over and have a look?

That's about it for now I think, as always have fun.

Bye for now........Clicky Needles.


  1. That sweater is going to be magnificent! I will go see the other photos.. I'm so jealous you have a house there! I've enjoyed playing Draw Something with you. Most of my drawers never play.. it's disappointing. Have a great week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your jumper is looking very good, could you stretch it a little before you block it to get a bit more room in the sleeve?


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