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Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday 4th June ~ everything is green

Well half term has nearly gone.
I've had a lovely week with the kids who have been nice to each other ~ hardly any arguments so that's great!
I tried to do some of The Front Garden yesterday but it was just too hot. The front faces south there's lots of tarmac and with everybody's driveways heats up too much.
I was having a go at this bit ~ but gave up deciding that sweat pouring down the face was not a good look.
This is the postman's path ~ as we all know postmen (and women) are genetically programmed to take the shortest route, wherever they go. So our's comes off the road and up the path in front of the house, not round the front of the drive.
He has to try and balance on these logs which are rotting away, so the plan is make proper steps. I started to clear this bit but soon gave up!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing in The Steamer Chair!

Some knitting progress (or lack of it.)
I looked at the Mobius Wrap and noticed that I had only caught a few fibres of the yarn about half way down on a stitch (it is quite splitty) which would have come undone with wear.
Only one thing for it.
(For you non knitting types frog means undo, the noise your yarn makes is a bit like ribbit, ribbit.)
Easier said than done because of that 180 degree twist.
I got into a right pickle. It look about 2 hours in the end.
It just as well I like the yarn colours (a lot) because I nearly ended up attacking it with scissors. Couldn't have used the yarn again but I would have felt better!
Anyhoo whilst it was off the needle I tried it on and as I suspected it was too tight ~ so I've cast on again but for the medium size. It might be shorter lengthwise but that's OK.
With the Mobius driving me mad I made this scarf because I HAD TO MAKE SOMETHING.
Huge 15mm needles and knitted in a yarn from Asian trends called La Pampa. It is a Merino/Mohair mix which I got from Ally Pally knitting show last year. Very warm so it'll great for winter.
Finished in no time.
Just what I needed.
Modelled by our South Sea Island head he looks fairly happy with it I'd say.
The last thing to show you - my new watch. It cost £10.00 from a shop in Cheltenham and I am very pleased with it. There was a myriad of colours ~ purple, shocking pink, turquoise and the green. A bit bonkers and huge but never mind.
Time (boom, boom!) to go now.
Have a great Friday.
Clicky Needles.

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