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Monday 12 October 2020

Learning New Things

 Hello there.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post, so nice to know that lots of people have Singer memories!

I have been busy finishing off a project that I had on the go and have had a go at a new sewing technique.

Firstly, I have finished the Cherry Blossom hoop from my Spring Craftpod.   

This little project has required quite a lot of concentration from me.  The plant pots are made by weaving with a single strand of thread through a single strand of warp.  The pot in this picture is 2cm and had 10 warp threads.  The fan is a similar size and is another new stitch to me, Cobweb.  

I am really happy with this and really pleased to learn some new stitches.

My new technique was free motion machine embroidery.  Now, I have tried this is in the past on my 'modern' machine ~ 25 year old Toyota with dropping feed dogs, but all I managed to do was break the needles and get really cross.  With a purchase of one (hehe!) of my vintage Singers there was a darning foot, which makes free motion embroidery easier.  I watched several YouTube videos and went for it.

I set up my Singer 201, which has droppable feed dogs ~ the feed dogs pull the fabric through, so they need dropping or covering to stop this, so you can take the fabric where you want it ~ and put on the darning foot.  The fabric you are going to use is put in an embroidery hoop to hold it taught and off you go.  You can feed your fabric however/wherever you want.

How did it go?  Well, I didn't break any needles, and although the fabric puckered in some places I was pretty pleased with the results.

My next attempt was a little more ambitious.  My lovely cousin sent me card a while ago and I used it for inspiration.

I found some suitable fabric for the background and main picture.

I really enjoyed doing this, and am particularly happy with the door and steps.  I am thinking what I make next.
It's turned Autumny and our beautiful cherry tree Prunus Sargentii has turned a vivid orange.  It turns early, another cherry we have is still green. 

 As the leaves fall the lawn turns orange too.  I will leave them as long as I can before sweeping them up, I love the flash of colour.

With the drop in temperature I felt the urge to knit something warm and cosy.  I decided on Harvest by Tin Can Knits.  If you've not seen Tin Can Knits before, pop over and have a look.  There are lots of lovely patterns (some free, like Harvest) and are mostly top down or bottom up knitting.  I have bought the e-book which gives you recipes and patterns for lots of different yarn weights.

Anyhoo I cast on last week, using Drops Nepal an aran weight wool alpaca mix in a lime green and I have nearly finished the main body.  It's a really easy pattern, perfect for nights in front of the TV and....

...... the woodburner, I'd forgotten how nice that is.

Well, that's me for now, I have Granny duties tomorrow so I'm off to stay over at Miss Clicky's tonight.  

See you soon.......Clicky Needles.