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Saturday 28 December 2013

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

Hello Folks!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  
We spent Christmas Day at home, just the four of us.  Christmas is a little less exciting than it used to be, with our two not being little anymore and we got up at a civilised 8 o'clock.   I can still enjoy the excitement at school, wearing tinsel in my hair and covering myself in glitter but at home it's a bit more subdued than it used to be.

Our little Nativity set still comes out with a rogue llama loitering in the background. 
We had roast lamb for Christmas lunch, we're not that wild on turkey and steamed syrup pudding to follow, as we're not wild on Christmas Pud either!   I drank lots of pink fizz ~ in the background Master Clicky's best present, an elastic band ball!  We had a nice together time and then Miss Clicky went to spend the evening with her boyfriend's family.
I had the usual manner of presents from the children in my class, candles, soaps and chocolates which are always gratefully received.  I also was given some Christmas Tea which is new for me.  I can only describe it as tea crossed with mulled wine, a cup a day is enough for me.  
My Mum and Dad gave me this lovely sheep, at the moment she's sitting in front of the wood basket keeping a beady eye on us.
This was the first Christmas that Tipper has spent with us.  He had to sniff every one of our presents as we opened them and of course, he had a few of his own which he was very good at unwrapping.  He had a new tuggy which had a ball attached but that was chewed off within a few hours.  It's the one under his paw and he's not giving it up!
With more time on my hands I have been knitting a bit more.
My Delightful Mix and Match Socks are coming along nicely.      No two will be the same. 
There are three rows of each colour ~ the background at the moment is either pale green or shades of grey.  Despite the fact that the yarn ~ Drops Delight ~ goes a bit thick and thin, it's very soft and fluffy, perfect for cosy socks.
I'm loving the stripes so much.

I've been cutting the colours to make them work better, there was no way I was going to have this scrummy purple going up my leg where it wasn't going to be seen.  The purple and green is giving me heart skippy moments ~ I consider myself a down-to-earth sort of girl but it really is making me swoon.   
 Righto I must be off now, I need to make a chocolate log for lunch at my Mum and Dad's tomorrow.

See you soon.
Have fun.............................Clicky Needles.

Tuesday 24 December 2013

Christmas is Here

Hello All.

I seem to have taken a completely unintentional blogging break.  December has raced past and school has been full on.  I've been dozing off on the sofa most evenings and *shock, horror* too tired to knit.

So what have I been doing?

My birthday has come and gone.  
My Mum brought me this beautiful Burleigh Calico jug to go with my one and only dinner plate.
I love it.  Thanks Mum!
Mr Clicky, me, Master Clicky and Grandad Clicky went to Kingsholm rugby ground to watch Gloucester play Worcester Warriors. 
The match was delayed by half an hour because the crossbar on the opposite post had been dislodged by a giant inflatable rugby ball in the pre-match fun.
 As we all like a beefy bloke here's some piccies.
We were right under the posts at the front.  Worcester getting ready to a kick a penalty  ~ No 12 on the right under the posts is Mike Tindall.
A bit more man on man action.
Penalty kick coming straight for us.
Selfie of me and Mr Clicky. 
 Even though Gloucester won it wasn't the most exciting match.

I took part in the Christmas Decoration Swap run by Ladybird Diaries.  I swapped with Hannapat of Cosmos and Cotton.  I received a lovely parcel.. 
..with some lovely decorations inside.  Thanks so much Hannapat!
The Christmas Decorating has gone well.
The Christmas Tree came from the school field again this year, so nice and fresh.  Unfortunately the trees are getting quite big now, so I'm not sure about next year's.
We also have a swag up the stairs and baubles hanging from the bannisters.  (Excuse the paint sample on the wall!)
I found some lovely stainless steel snowflake decorations in Sainsbury's.
As it turns out they are just the right size for a Christmassy coaster.
And finally the only bit of knitting I've done in December, a cowl for work's Secret Santa Swap.
Made in Jarol Sweet Briar Chunky I had left over from something else. 
 So that's about it from me, don't forget to follow Santa with Norad's Santa Tracker as I write he's already started in Australia.  

I'm off to paint my nails, lay the table and scatter glitter all over my black kitchen tiles.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
Bye for now .........Clicky Needles.

Sunday 1 December 2013

Stripy Socks

Hi there!
Time seems to be marching on relentlessly, November is over!  I seem to have been caught out, maybe because it's not got cold.  
Our trip to France had some ups and downs but on the whole it was good fun.
I got loads of sock knitting done, not being a driver on this trip.  I have started to use the Drops Delight Sock Yarn I bought at Ally Pally.
I'm using two colours, a neutral tone and a colour to make stripy socks.
The green tones were on the journey down.....
.... and on the return journey I'd finished the green one and  progressed on a much brighter colour way.
I love the colours in this.

 I'd forgotten how addictive sock knitting can be, I keep doing one more row for the next colour stripe.

We're going to be hitting Christmas with a vengeance at school this week.  We're decorating the classrooms and I'm donning my wellies and going onto the school field with a saw to cut a Christmas tree for the entrance into our classroom area.  Christmas songs can be heard through the classrooms from the younger children practising hard for their nativity play.

Lastly I'll leave you with a  picture of Tipper.  Mr Clicky had to see one of the neighbours, Tipper sat on the stairs so he was the right height to see through the window when Mr Clicky came back.  I'm not sure he looks comfy!
So that's me for today, I'll see you again soon. 
As always have fun........Clicky Needles.