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Monday 24 December 2012

Happy Christmas!

Hello Folks!

Well it's here.
The last week of school was very tiring, parties, Christmas Lunch and the trip to the pantomime in Cheltenham.  The pantomime was hilarious and went well (for our class) although not so well for the younger class (someone threw up.)   I knew there's a reason why I like KS2.

As promised here's our class tree decorated with the felt decorations the children made.  We (teacher and me) were very proud of them.
I didn't really enjoy the Christmas shopping this year, I'm not sure why, I usually do.  There was a moment in Primark that made me laugh whilst I was buying glitter candles.  The (young) assistant said that she'd put the candles in a different bag as I didn't want to get glitter on everything.  I laughed and told her I worked in primary school and we LOVE glitter.  She gave me the I've got a right one here look.

DS announced that he fancied making a gingerbread house, so we've been busy over the last two days. It was a major feat of civil engineering and is still standing (at the moment)  it is also fairly tasty although we're informed we're allowed to eat it yet.  Look! there's even a dog kennel.
 My birthday has been and gone (another year older eek!)  Mr Clicky got me two 400g balls of Apollo Aran to make a cardi that Romain and me saw on the Rowan Stand at Ally Pally.

My friend gave me a lovely book Animal Hats, I'm sure I'll making some out of it.
The Friesian cow is fun
 but I think my favourite if the Koala.

I've set the Christmas Table and scattered silver glitter on the black floor tiles in the kitchen ~ sooooo sparkly ~ and it's time for mulled wine I think.   Don't forget Santa Tracker from Norad so you can see when you need to be in bed, he's in  Yemen as I write.

Well, just one to say......HAPPY CHRISTMAS.  Hope you have a super day with your loved ones.
Byeee..............Clicky Needles.

Sunday 16 December 2012

Christmas is fast approaching.

Hello All.
Another week passed and not post from me.  I, like many others in Blogland have been busy with Christmas 'stuff'.

Without further ado, I need to show you the masks I made for the sheep and donkey for the KS1 Nativity.  I am ridiculously proud of them.
The Nativity was a great success, not a dry eye in the house, with the angels stealing the show.
We've had a hectic time at school, not helped by my teacher who decided that our class of 31 children should make felt decorations.  It's been a major triumph, with some real sewing stars appearing.  Everyone decorated their shapes and blanket stitched around the outside.  If one more child asks me to thread their needle.................

I've been putting up the tree and decorations at home but it's not finished yet, so pictures of them all later!
On the knitting front, I've been keeping up with the Olivia Jumper and all the moss stitch.   My stripy blanket is nearing completion and I've got another couple of squares off for the Phoenix Friendship Blanket.
Whilst we were decorating the living room I moved a yarny basket and this rather bright orange, pink and red self striping yarn fell out so I made it into a hat.  You're very lucky to have a photo of me for 2 reasons. 
1.  I don't like having my photo taken and 
2. I don't wear hats. 
 I thought the hat looked ok but Mr Clicky made a comment about teapots and 'my granny would have made that.'   Huruumph.
Anyhoo, I think I've about done.  I'll see you soon with some sparkly decoration pictures and the felt shapes we've made at school.

As always have fun...........Clicky Needles.

Sunday 2 December 2012

Little Blanket Ta-Dah!!!!

Hello Folks.

Well, time has marched on hasn't it?  At least the first weekend of December has seen some frost and an end to all the rain.  Nativity rehearsals are well under way at school and Christmas decorations will be on my job list for tomorrow.

I finished the little dolly blanket for my neighbour's granddaughter and I gave it to her on Friday.  She hid behind her granny for a bit and then gave me a huge smile and announced she'll be using it for her new dollies at home.
 I joined the squares 'on the go' and added a few rows of trebles for the border.  

I've  made some Christmas Garlands with the felt and ric-rac I bought at Ally Pally.   I think they will be suitably bright to match the colour scheme this year.
I added a few more rows to my Beach Stripe Blanket, not much more to go now.

As I had my bag of bright acrylic out  I couldn't resist a larger granny square.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy a granny square and I think I might make a few more and join them together.  Who knows where this may end up?  I've not mentioned this to Mr Clicky however, as he will be giving me his "do we really need another blanket?" look.
Of course, all of these little projects are UAT ~ Uterus Avoidance Tactics.  
Let me explain.
If you've followed my blog for a bit you might remember that DD went with my S-I-L to Ethiopia last November.  The Charity is called Midwives@Ethiopia: various health professionals teach local midwives best practice and how to improve maternal health.  Here's their website.  If you scroll down you can see  my S-I-L in the stripy t-shirt with my DD.

 Here's my post about their trip last year.  I knitted a few hats which they took with them.

A little while ago I got a request from S-I-L, could I knit some uterus' (uterii???) for her to take out on her next trip?  
"No problem," I said, "Easy."  
So far I've finished two and a half.
Two have been knitted in the round, the third I'm making flat, slightly less concentration needed.  S-I-L would like 100.  She's going in May.  That makes five a week.  I'm fed up and I'm only on the third, so UAT will continue.  
Oh dear.
The work they do makes a real difference and these are used as teaching aids.
If anybody is taking pity on me and would like to help out by making one I'd be hugely grateful.  The pattern can be found by clicking on the pattern tab.  Thanks.

Right, time to go now. Tomorrow 'll be chopping down a Christmas Tree from the school field with the Head and decorating it.
It's not really work, is it?

Byeeee.................Clicky Needles.