Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday 28 March 2018


Hi Folks!

The Easter Holidays have arrived and not a moment too soon.  We've had a difficult, stressful term at school and I'm glad it's all over.   Tomorrow Master Clicky and me are off to Chicago to see Mr Clicky.  The bags are packed and we have an early start to get up to Heathrow.  We're away for ten days and we're very excited.  I'll try and blog from stateside.

I'll leave you with some lovely daffodils that my Mum and Dad gave me from their garden.
Have a great Easter...................Clicky Needles.

Sunday 18 March 2018

Mini Beast from the East

Hello folks.

Yes, it is back again.  The Beast from the East has dropped more snow on us, just when the birds were singing, the daffodils were just about to come out and everything was getting a bit warmer and well,  spring-like.  Now I like a snow day or two as much as the next man ~ we've had four, yes FOUR! this year but I'm all over it now.  The flipping' snow can GO AWAY.  
I've been working on the Wedding Present Blanket, this is the one for my teacher.  These are large granny squares of 11 rounds of colour and 3 rounds of cream.  I laid them all out on the floor and decided that it was looking a bit blue, I seem to have lots of shades from baby blue, to turquoise, to navy.  
I have some of the colours on display in my cube unit in the craft room and the bottom row caught my eye.
So I'm now trying to tone the blanket down with brown, beige, grey and white.  I'm pleased with this square so I shall try and put (at least) one of the colours in each new square I make.  The wedding is in August which seems like a long way away but I don't want to be finishing off the night before so I'm having a push now.

I've been out and brushed the snow off the car in anticipation of tomorrow's journey to work and it was really cold.  I'm hoping it will have melted by then but it might just freeze. *sigh*  

Have a good week, bye for now...........Clicky Needles.

Sunday 11 March 2018

Snow Days are Good for Knitting

Hello there.  

This part of the UK didn't escape the snow that fell last week.  We had two snow days off school and it carried on during the weekend.   I made sure the birds were well topped up with food and water.  The apples I put out even brought in two Field Fares for several days. 

Despite the fact that there were lots of apples to choose from they were scrapping with the Blackbirds over them.
The snow is still hanging around, this is a road on my way to work at the end of this week.
 Of course 4 snow days are a fabulous excuse for knitting.  I finished the back of my grey aran thing.  I was busy congratulating myself on a very neat neck and shoulder (if I do say so myself) went to do the other shoulder and then discovered I had too many stitches.  

Meh! I've pulled it all out and I'm starting again.
It is this pattern, an aran slipover which I wear and wear and wear so it makes sense to make it again.
When I started again last might I had a helpful dog snuggled up with me on the sofa, he was so tucked up I was finding it really uncomfortable to knit.

That's me for now, it's warmer this week so no snow!  
Have fun whatever you do..............Clicky Needles.