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Monday 22 July 2019

A Country Wedding

Well, it has been a mad few weeks here in Clicky Needles Towers.  Mr Clicky came home from Chicago earlier than planned and surprised everyone.

The wedding was last weekend, it was a wonderfully relaxed day and Miss Clicky and our new Son in Law (!) shone with happiness.  

We hired a marquee in a field, next to the River Severn, did everything ourselves and called in favours from family, friends and willing volunteers and that made it all a bit more special. The guests had been asked to dress causally and not too smart, no suits!
 Decorating took us two days.
Miss Clicky and me made a Pajaki to hang in the marquee, following Gill@An Elegant Sufficiency's excellent instructions. It was definitely a labour of love!  
Miss Clicky came to ours one afternoon and sewed paper heart garlands, while I got Baby Needles cuddles ~ result.
 The bunting and table runners came from our Godson's wedding back in 2017.
On Friday afternoon our army of volunteers cut up cheese, ham and picnic goodies and packed the hampers ready for the next day.
I stayed overnight at Miss Clicky's house and the groom and best man stayed with Mr Clicky at our house.  We were up early as the hair and makeup lady arrived at 7.00am.  The flowers arrived not long after.  They were a mixture of wild and cultivated flowers, chosen the week before by Miss Clicky and her fiancĂ©.  They were beautiful. 
The bridesmaids, me and the other mil had flowers in our hair.

Miss Clicky had a flower crown.
And she wore the veil that was my mum's and also  worn by me on our wedding day.  Her dress was beautiful and so was Baby Needles'.

Once we were all ready we bundled her and all that dress up into our car and made our way to the church.  We were stopped however, at the Gloucester and Sharpness canal because a boat was going through!

The ceremony went without a hitch, I held Baby Needles as she was getting bit factious.  When her Mum and Dad said their vows, she heard their voices, opened her eyes and watched them.

After the ceremony had finished we gathered outside the church and then Miss Clicky and Son In Law took the 10 minute walk from the church to the apple orchard.  Now I need to point out that the really good pictures are from the amazing photographer Lee Hawley Photography.  There is no way I could take photos like his, and I don't have a drone!

Of course, Baby Needles got in on the action.
Mr Clicky's sister made the beautiful cake.  It had a chocolate layer, lemon layer and the top, fruit.  I can tell you it tasted even better than it looked.
We camped over on the stunning site.
Our wonderful friends offered their VW for the Bride and Groom to stay in rather than a tent.
We partied into the night, fuelled by a specially brewed 'Hoppily Ever After' wedding ale.
We had the best time, so relaxed and made better by everyone's help, and if you are reading this and you helped ~ Thank you so much.

See you soon, next ~ garden news!