Scavenger Hunt

Monday 18 June 2012

What To Do With 18 Eggs?

Hi there!

Here they are, a bowl of 18 lovely eggs from my friend. 
 Blue, green, white and brown and very yellow inside.

Obviously I needed to do some baking, so over the last week or so we've had.....
not 1, not 2 but 3 Victoria Sponges...
Chocolate Brownies, made by DS....

Chocolate Chip Cookies (no piccy)  and Scones.....

and that was the end of the eggs.

The weather has still been changeable, some strong winds again but as there was some sunshine yesterday, me and Mr Clicky went for a wander around some local footpaths.

Through a field of good looking wheat
past lots of lovely dry stone walls
with interesting yellow lichen
and through a squeeze stile.
We also saw this beautiful double flowered pink May blossom.
So a nice wander, just Mr Clicky and Me.

Back home and I finished sewing up that Copper Jumper.  It's blocking right now so pictures next time.
I've cast on a hat, which has been in the queue for some time, I'm only on the ribbing right now, using magic loop rather than my usual double pointed needles.  
Going fine so far.
This hat has some colourwork, but I'm telling you no more!

Right I'm off now...have fun.
Bye for now.....................Clicky Needles.

P.S.  I've just read this back and feel I need to clarify 'good looking wheat'.  I mean it's looking really thick and healthy due to all this rain we've been having and the ears are forming, if the sun comes out I'm predicting a good harvest this year.
I guess you can take the girl from the farm but you can't take the farm from the girl!

Friday 8 June 2012


Hello All!

How’s your Jubilee Weekend been?  Hope you managed your celebrations without too much rain.

The children at school had a party on Friday.  It was a wonderful success.   The little children preformed some Country Dancing and the older juniors all did Maypole Dancing.  The Maypole Dancing has gone on for many years and is performed to assembled parents and villagers, although latterly it has slipped from it’s May Day slot due to the dreaded SATs.  I’m never too sure whether to children like the Maypole or not!  The older they get the more they complain about doing it, but it looks fabulous and carries the tradition on.

Me and the other two Teaching Assistants spent Wednesday and Thursday making fairy cakes with the children.  We produced roughly 200 and the children then iced them red, white and blue and laid them out on the sand pit lid in the shape of a Union Jack.  In case you're worried about sand in the cakes the lid had had a jolly good wash and then was covered in foil.
We’ve had a special visitor this week.  An ex-pupil, Dan Woodward carried the Olympic Torch through Swindon and he came in the show it to us.  He was incredibly proud and every child had their photo taken with him and his torch.  Here he is talking to the children all about it.  (Look at that messy classroom!)
 The weather certainly has taken a turn for the worse and was pretty rotten when Mr Clicky, me and DS went to visit the British Camp on top of The Malvern Hills.  It is an Iron Age Hill Fort, but as you can see we couldn’t really see each other very well, let alone the view, which on a good day apparently, covers 13 counties.  I think we need to try on another day!
 It was very mossy and wet and there were quite a few  spider's webs.  
 On the knitting front with the lack of a new project I picked up some cotton and a crochet hook and made some flowers.  The one of the left was made with a 3.5mm hook and the right one 4mm.  I didn't think that 0.5mm would make such a difference. 
I am pleased to tell you that I have now a project on the go!  Note I didn't say a new project ~ I yanked my Asymmetrical Cooper Jumper out from the naughty corner.  Was it naughty? Not really, I just got bored with it I think.   The last time I worked on this was September 2011, it was started in January 2010! Anyhoo I'm back on it with a vengeance, I finished off a sleeve and I've nearly done the front.  
Even better, I've got the next project in my mind.  Waaaaayyyy!

Time to sign off now I think.  
Sorry this post is late, the internet in these parts has been unusable.   I put it down to the children in the neighbourhood who have been stuck indoors with the rubbish weather.

As always have fun and keep smiling.
Byeeee.........Clicky Needles.

Sunday 3 June 2012

Scavenger Hunt for May

Hi  there.

Here's my Scavenger Hunt for May.

1. Good things.  In the garden full of sunshine, with a cup of tea, ipad and some crochet to do.
2.  Small packages.  A small package of time, quick bit of knitting in the playground with no children around before I had lunchtime duty on the school field ~ bliss!
3. Fragrance.  My 'Geoff Hamilton' rose.  Yummy!
4. Station.  St Pancras ~ the Eurostar trains are behind glass.  Sadly I wasn't using them.
5.  Nose.  Struggled a bit with one!  My Red Nose Day magnetic car nose from several years ago.  It lives on the fridge.
6.  Front Page.  The Olympic Torch on it's way through Stroud.
7. Nine.  Nine of the eggs given to me by a colleague. Wish I had hens.
8. Beverage.  A hot cup of tea at a cold cricket game.
9.  Currency.  The Euros at the back of the kitchen drawer. 
10. Historic.  The British Camp (Iron Age Earthworks) on top of the Malvern Hills.  Couldn't see much, just clouds.

11. Yellow.  Gloucestershire has turned yellow with oilseed rape.  This is the view from our classroom window ~ not bad!
12.  Do you see what I see?  Last weekend maybe your bit of the world looked like this too.

So there we are.  Hope you like them, I'm off to check out the other Scavenger Hunts.