Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 10 November 2013

Another Week Passes

Hello folks!

We've had another wet and blustery week, in fact at times its been downright miserable.  I cheered myself up with a load of wood.  Evenings are now warm and cosy but the flip side to this is that too much warm and cosy sends Mr Clicky and me to sleep at 9.00pm in front of the TV.

I've had a weekend of cooking stews, bolognese and things in a pot.  Mr Clicky, me and our friends B and S are popping over to France to do some work on our house.  After a day's work we need something quick and filling, hence the cooking, the freezer is now full.

Miss Clicky and me went to see Baloo the horse on Saturday morning.  The weather was horrible and raining very heavily.  We got him in from the field, gave him some food and scraped as much water off him as we could.  Miss C decided it was too wet for a proper ride and would just ride him bareback back to the field.  I was giving her a leg up ~ no stirrups.  First try at a leg up she rose about a foot.  "You've got to push me up," she said.  "Ok," I said and gave her a jolly good throw.  Such a good throw that she went right over and landed on the other side.  Third go, just right.
Here he is looking soggy.
Another Cotswold Stone wall.  They fascinate me, the lichen must have been there for years.
I bought two Christmas magazines this week.  I hardly buy magazines but I do treat myself to Christmas ones.
Firstly Prima Christmas Makes with inspiring Christmas things.
I liked these button tree cards.
Pretty felt decorations.
Lovely blankie.
I also got the Christmas Ideal Home Mag.....
.........with the calendar.  All I need now is some time to read them properly.
You may know of my like  obsession with Christmas decorations.  I found these in Tesco the other day they'll fit in perfectly with my colour scheme this year. 
 So that's me for now, I've cast on a sock ~ small for knitting whilst in the car driving through France. 

See you next week with a full report.
As always, have fun.
Bye for now............Clicky Needles.

P.S. We haven't abandoned the kids in case you were wondering, my Mum is having a short break at our house.

Sunday 3 November 2013


Hello again.

I thought you might like to see what been on my needles lately.

A cerise pink felted bag.
I bought the yarn at Wonderwool back in April and knitted and felted it fairly soon after.  It's taken a very long time to sew on the button.  The pattern is by Bev Beattie.  I used every last cm of the 3 balls of yarn.
I finished the hat I was making for my colleague C.  She had asked for a hat and found the pattern.  I so was flattered to be asked. I've used Eden Cottage Yarns Maya, a lovely soft alpaca.  It was a pleasure to knit with and is going to be a really warm hat.  I added an extra pattern repeat as C wanted it nice and slouchy.
The pattern is here if you fancy it.
It's all wrapped up now.
Lastly, progress on my Temari cardi. As you can see not much, but there we are.  I'll remedy that soon.

That's me for now, have a great week.

Bye.........Clicky Needles. 

Saturday 2 November 2013

Not Much.

Hello Folks!

Well, half term is nearly over.  
It has been a lovely week.  As usual I planned to do lots of 'stuff' but didn't really manage much of it.
The wooden kitchen work tops remain unsanded and untreated.
The back door still has it's coat of undercoat and no topcoat (that was from the first day of the summer holidays!)
The hall still hasn't been painted.
I have however, woken up every morning and sat in bed with my iPad and read Blogs.
Not just a quick once over, a proper read.  I have missed catching up with all you lovely people and your interesting lives, your knitting, crochet, gardening, families and blustery Autumn walks. 
I've decided that I will make time every day to continue.

So what did I do this week?
Well, I went into Cheltenham on my own and wandered.  I tried on a few things and bought, guess what?......a flappy cardi.  I do love a flappy cardi.

I spend a whole day I kid you not, ironing.   The ironing basket was overflowing.  
 Did I mind?  Not one bit.
Miss Clicky was out with her BF and Master Clicky was out with the kids in the street.   I was ironing and catching up on TV it was lovely.  

This morning I've been out with Miss Clicky.  She is helping out with a horse near us called Baloo ~ that's her on him, not me in case you were wondering.  Now, I have no affinity with horses.  I don't like them that much, give me a cow any day.  Miss Clicky however, has ridden on and off since she was 5 years old and is a good horsewoman.  Baloo is like a naughty teenager and cheeky too so he needs a firm hand.    Rides involve me walking in front and as we are in the Cotswolds, up and down steep lanes, so I'm also getting some much needed exercise.
Today I took my phone hoping for some photos.
This moss looked like it had been there a while.
 Gloucestershire still looking good, despite the rain.
I'm all my own again now. 
 The dog is curled up and snoring behind me me, Miss Clicky has gone to Tesco to do her Saturday afternoon stint and Mr and Master Clicky gone to watch Forest Green Rovers in Nailsworth play Dagenham.  They did ask me if I wanted to go but try as I might I can't get into football.  
So I find myself with a peaceful few hours.  
I feel recharged and ready for school next week.

As always, it's lovely to have you here, see you soon.
Have fun....................Clicky Needles.

October Mosaic

I've been really tardy on Mosaics lately so here's one at last.