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Sunday 13 November 2016

A Jeans Bag

Hello Folks.

For the past few months I have been squirrelling away old worn out jeans, with the idea of using them to make a bag.  I have a Pinterest Board with lots of other people's wonderful examples and decided to have a go too.  I changed my needle to a denim one and was surprised how easily it went through the fabric.  It was the Purl Bee 40 Minute Tote pattern again.  
I had two pairs of jeans in this, and used the fabric from the bottom of the legs.  Needless to say the bag took more than 40 minutes ~ I had to faff around sewing the two legs together in the same place for both sides.  I unpicked the waistbands from both pairs and used them as the straps, I didn't alter the length as it was just perfect.  I'm only showing this picture so you can see my lovely nails ~ an unexpected treat when I had my hair cut, I cheekily asked if they could be done and ended up with a manicure and hair cut at the same time!  The girls told me not to get used to it!

I found some beautiful fabric for lining in the sewing shop in Stroud and even put a pocket in.
I lined the straps as well so they won't stretch.
I tried a bit of appliqué too ~ this is the better side ~ something I need to practise.

I've also finished my Aventine Shawl.  Actually I finished it a while ago, but kept forgetting to photograph it, when I remember it's usually too late and the light has gone, autumn, huh.
The pattern is here.  
I really like the buttons on the neck.
Lastly I have carried on with my Stripy Scarf of Happiness.  It was supposed to be emergency knitting ~ so on the back burner but I have been enjoying it so much, it has become No1 priority.  I'll knit to the end of the coloured yarn but I will be sad to see it end.
That's me for now.
Have a great week............Clicky Needles