Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 23 April 2017

Wonderwool Wales

Hello there.

Me and my knitting pal Romain had a super day at Wonderwool Wales.

There were of course, sheep and goats.

Rainbows of yarn wherever you looked.
A beautiful crochet blanket on the Easy Knits stall.
 An absolutely stunning shawl on the Jamiesons stall.
 We wandered and squished and oooed and ahhhaaad.

Would you like to see what I bought?  

2 balls of Jamieson and Smith 4ply.
An unexpected amount of sock yarn namely;
 5 mini sock skeins.  Stripy socks coming up!
2 skeins of hand dyed sock yarn.

 2 patterns from Purl Alpaca.
 A pattern for Gathering Raindrops by Belinda Harris-Reid, a holey poncho, Dorne Rising Shawl ~ a crochet shawl and a pattern book by Marie Wallin called Winter Crochet.  I particularly liked the jumper on the cover which combines crochet and knitting.
We had a lovely yarny day and, of course, I fell asleep on the bus coming home, something Romain is used to.

After some lovely spring sunshine we are now forecast coldness again.  *Sigh*.
I hope you have a super week, however warm it is where you are.
See you soon ..................Clicky Needles.