Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday 13 November 2019

Blue and White

Hello Folks.

I arrived back in the UK safely following a tedious night flight.  I find it hard to sleep on planes, so I don't bother trying ~ I get grumpy if I try to sleep and can't!  Baby Needles and Miss Clicky arrived at home just about the same time as I did, so despite the fact I was desperate for sleep I spent the afternoon having wonderful cuddles.

Our house was still standing, it needed a bit of sorting as you'd expect if a leave a 20 year old boy in charge but it wasn't too bad.  

Before I left I took loads of pictures of the quilt I made on my two vintage Singers.  

Oh my goodness I love this quilt.

There are I know, a lot of things I should have differently and this was very much was a learning curve.

I used a small jelly roll which came from Joanns.

I had to add the white squares in to make it big enough for a queen bed and still had to add extra navy blue cotton around the edges.  

I spray basted the quilt sandwich on our living room floor ~ tricky because our carpet is quite long.  I realised afterwards I should have done it on the stair landing in our communal area which has carpet tiles and is a lot harder, but never mind.  I used cotton batting.

I quilted the central panel around the squares.  I did try to 'stitch in the ditch' but I didn't always remain in the ditch.

The edges were quilted about 4cm apart which I did by eye on my Red Eye Singer.

The quilt has already been used, when the snow came and it kept us toasty warm over the duvet.  I hadn't appreciated just how warm it would be.

I put the basting off for some time, but as it turned out wasn't quite as scary as I thought it would be.

I sewed the scraps of the jelly roll together.

And made a little pincushion.

The quilt is keeping Mr Clicky warm now, there's been more snow.

That's me for now.  See you soon...Clicky Needles.

Monday 4 November 2019

Crochet Cardigan

Hello Folks!

As much as I have enjoyed embroidery and sewing things on my vintage Singers, I have also been indulging in some Box Set crochet.

I have been interested obsessed by Finnish Artist Oma Koppa.  I'm not sure that she blogs any more but I came across this post and knew I needed to have a go.   She draws lovely pictures of her crochet with chalk which, upon first glance, appear to be clear instructions but as I tried to work them out, a little improvisation was needed.  

I had some Drops Nepal languishing in my stash so I pulled it out.

The cardigan is a very simple boxy shape and was pretty easy to do.  

Once I had the motifs worked out, I made 9 for the back and 12 for the front.

I crochet joined the motifs through the back loop with a slip stitch.

There was a bit of faffing and undoing to get the arm holes the right size and when I had sorted them out there was even more faffing with the sleeves.  The first one was too baggy so that was ripped back but as they are a treble and a chain they were quick and easy to do.  I decreased every six rows or so, trying on for size all the time.

I made the sleeves to come just over my wrists,

and added a scalloped edge 

which made the sleeves bell out.

I continued the scalloped edge around the bottom and neck.

Working without a pattern was incredibly liberating and as you can probably tell, I have really enjoyed making this.  It's been just the thing for our colder weather.  Later on today I am catching my flight back to the UK and the cardigan is staying here.

I have got a helix stripes toe-up sock started for the journey and I have moved my seat to the rear of the plane for 4 reasons.  1.  Empty seats ~ when I checked in ~ around me.  2.  Toilets near  3. Aisle seat and 4. Close to the flight crew ~ I have found when I knit with my light on I get lots of offers of 'something to drink?' 

I'm waiting for Mr Clicky to get in from work and take me to O'Hare.  It's been a bit mad being here, when I came it was Summer and now it's nearly Christmas.  Phew.  I am so looking forward to catching up with family and friends and of course, Baby Needles.  She was 2 months when I left and now she is nearly 5 months.  She has changed so much, I have lots of cuddles to get in and make up for lost time.

See you soon.............Clicky Needles.

Friday 1 November 2019


Hello Folks!

My time in Illinois is drawing to a close.  I have spent a thoroughly enjoyable 3 months with Mr Clicky most of my day times enjoying the sun next to the pool in our apartment complex.  The pool closed at the end of September but I still managed a few weeks sometimes in bikini sometimes not, sitting by the pool reading/knitting/crocheting/listening to podcasts.  The weather has got a bit chillier although we've still had some glorious sunny autumn days and a really warm halloween this Sunday.

Three days later however, on actual Halloween, this happened.  It snowed.  All day. 

I cosied up indoors with a hot chocolate and carried on with my quilt.

It's nearly finished now.

Stay warm!.........Clicky Needles.