Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 31 January 2016

Got Those Gloves Done

Hello there.

Well, I finished my gloves.  I love the yarn ~ Drops Delight ~ it's so cosy.  I made the finger tips on the right hand match the left.
I'm very pleased with the overall result.  Not that I'll be needing them anytime soon, the weather is still warm, rainy and windy.  
Mr Clicky and I excused Master Clicky from rugby training this morning and went to the local DIY store to buy tiles for our en-suite.  It's been needing attention for several years now ~ we are unable to use the shower because the tiled walls have given up the ghost.  So we've bought tiles, 
a shower, a shower cubicle, got some mosaics on-line and been to Ikea at Bristol for a sink unit, lights and tap.  (Obviously I bought other things in Ikea too, chopping block, tea lights etc.)  We just need to get the toilet and spot lights now.
Hopefully the plumber will be coming a few weeks time, I can't wait.

I think that's me for now, I need to decide what my next knitting project will be.

See you soon.

As always have fun.

Bye.........................Clicky Needles

Tuesday 26 January 2016

Excited By The Bin

Hello all.

I have been very excited this week. 
 Our new garden waste bin has arrived.  It might not look exciting to you but it is going to change the way I garden.  It will be collected every two weeks from February to November.  EVERY 2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!! 
No more packing the car full of old compost bags of garden trimmings with dubious things leaking out of the bottom.  No more tedious journeys to the tip, sorry, Civic Amenity Site, with half a shrub sticking in my ear and an ant colony followed by a snail trying to make a break for freedom out of the driver's  window.  I can drag it around as I chop and pull weeds with gay abandon and fill it to the brim.  The neighbours will not recognise our garden.  I am one very happy bunny.
I have finished knitting my stripy cardi but it needs buttons and a block so I'll show you that when it's completely finished.  I pulled out my flip-top gloves and decided to take the flip off ~ it squashed my fingers together, undo the ribbing on the finger and just knit them normally.
I finished the first off quickly ~ I rather like the effect that the different colour finger tips have ~ and I'm working my way up second hand.
Not that I need warm gloves at the moment, 3 days of frost has given away again, to rain and greyness.  

Righto I'm off to my 'Body Blitz' class which I will not enjoy so I'll see you again soon.

Bye for now........Clicky Needles.  

P.S. I'm sorry the font has gone weird I wrote part of this post on my iPad and it doesn't want to change.

Sunday 17 January 2016


Hello folks.

Well it stopped raining for 2 days and we had some frost.  Both mornings I forgot to factor in car scraping time, so was a bit later to work than I wanted to be.  Unlike other areas of the country today, we've had no snow, just gloom.  Cold miserable fog.  This poor old robin doesn't look to cheery does he?  Not to worry, the rain will be back soon, I'm sure.
Master Clicky let me off rugby duty today.  He said he didn't mind if I didn't go to watch his match, they would loose anyway.  Miss Clicky informed him, they'd definitely loose if that was his attitude but as it was, the prediction came true.  
Whilst the boys were away I went through all my clothes drawers and had a massive try on, sort out and ruthless bin of things I don't wear.  It was all very cathartic.  I now need a charity bag to pop through the door.  Next week ,The Wardrobe.

Despite the gloom I got some pictures of my Daybreak Shawl.  I started this back in June last year (!) and finally got round to sewing the ends in over Christmas.   I should have carried the main colour up the edges and then would just have the contrast to sew in.  I didn't.  There we go.
 The yarn, baa ram ewe Titus, is a joy to work with and I love the finished result.  Having said that, I didn't really get on with the pattern.
 I got some of the points to stay, some didn't.  That I suspect, was due to me not increasing enough or increasing too often.
 All that said, I love the yarn, colours and finished result.  
 Stripes! what's not to like?
Speaking of stripes, my fabulous stripy cardigan is on the finishing stages.  I've finished both sleeves now and I'm on the button band. :-).
Well that's me for now, I hope you have a good week.

See you soon.......Clicky Needles.

Sunday 10 January 2016

Bookcase Tidying


 It's been another weekend of horrible driving rain and dullness.  Master Clicky's rugby was cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch, so Mister Clicky put him to work.  We've decided that we have lots of 'stuff.'  I'm not sure what the stuff is or who it belongs to, but we have a lot.  Over New Year we had a chat and decided to have a sort and an organise.  Yesterday I bought 4 packs of loft boarding sheets and today Mr and Master have been in the attic above the garage laying it.  I have been buying plastic boxes by the tonne and all that stuff will be labelled and properly stored.  The next job is to find some good drop down ladders from the loft hatch, so we can get to it easily.

Whilst they were up there banging around I decided to sort out (my) bookcase in the hall.  It holds mainly my knitting books.  You may remember that back last summer Gillian from Tales from a Happy House put her cookery books on a bookshelf,  colours together  ~ I'm sorry I tried to find the post but couldn't ~ I thought it was an interesting idea, so.......
 .......I've done it too.  What do you think? Better?  The green/brown books at the bottom are, unsurprisingly, gardening.
Our hall, especially at the moment, is quite dark, so I kept out a set of lights from the Christmas decorations.  I love the warm glow that they give, making the hallway more inviting.
 Above the bookcase is this picture.  I found this beautiful tissue paper when I was Christmas Shopping and sent Mr Clicky out before Christmas to the local DIY store for a frame.  I was pleasantly surprised when he came home with this black box frame.
 Something else I decided to leave out and not pack away.
 I have been trying to take some knitty photos but the light is so rubbish, they didn't come out well.  I will try again after school this week, on the plus side it is light when I get home as the nights are drawing out again.

That's me for now.
Have fun..............Clicky Needles. x

Friday 8 January 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas Swap

Hello there!

I've been a very lucky girl in the Twelve Days of Christmas Swap.   My partner was Maria at Dotty's Daughter.  Let me show you what I got.  Every present made me smile.  I have been well and truly spoilt.

Christmas Pudding Socks
Little Chalk Board.
Stitch holders (from my favourite shop ~ Tiger.)
Purple glitter sticky tape and spotty ribbon.
Lovely soap and nail files.
Reindeer noses and sticky notes.
Jelly Tots (I LOVE Jelly Tots!) and snowmen pegs.
Bead bracelet.
Purple nail varnish.
Crayon buttons.
Snowman Poop and sequin ribbon.
Days of the week pegs.
Thank you so Maria,  I love the gifts you sent. xx

I've really enjoyed this swap, big thanks to Jo at Through the Keyhole for organising it.

See you soon, I might have something finished to show you next time. (!)

Saturday 2 January 2016

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello there.
I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and have a great New Year.
2014 was fine for the Clicky Needles' household and I hope that 2015 will be too.

We had a quiet Christmas Day just the four of us and then a family gathering at my brother's on Boxing Day. 
We've had a catch up with old friends and watched old films on TV ~ Where Eagles Dare yesterday  :-).  I've got lots of knitting done too.  

Today I'm transferring birthdays and important stuff from the 2014  to the 2015 calendar and getting the decorations down, a job I enjoy as much as decorating.  Later we're out (again) to a leaving party.  Hopefully Sunday will be quiet.

That's me for now.
Have fun..................Clicky Needles.