Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 27 September 2015

Autumn Sunshine

Hi There!

It's been a very pleasant weekend in these here parts.
I treated myself to several hours in the warm Autumn sunshine with some knitting to keep me busy today.

Birds flocked to the cherry tree which is starting to turn red, where the feeders are.  They were visited by blue tits, great tits, long tailed tits, a cacophony of sparrows and a nuthatch.  They were all too fast for me to catch with the camera, I had lots of blurrs!  They disappeared as fast as they came and I could hear the shouts of a distant football match.
 Cricket has finished and the rugby season is upon us,  Master Clicky had training this morning.  He has a new pair of boots ~ he's growing faster than I can keep up with ~ he had already decided before we went into the sports shop they had to be pink.  What do you think?  I really like them. :-)
 The evenings are getting chilly and there is nothing the dog likes more than being cosy.  Unbeknown to me Miss Clicky wrapped him up in my Granny Blanket and, in true 21st century style I then received an emailed picture.  
And lastly a present that the above dog brought in last night before his bedtime.  I let him out in the garden for his last wee of the night and he reappeared with a hedgehog, dropped it in the middle of the living room and nonchanately got into his bed.  After checking that the hedgehog was ok ~ he/she seemed to be ~ I rolled it onto a dustpan and popped it back in the undergrowth.  I was actually very pleased to see it, I haven't seen any in our garden for several years.
That's me for now, off to do a bit of ironing and then watch Downton Abbey and Cider with Rosie which was filmed locally.

As always, have fun.............Clicky Needles

Sunday 20 September 2015

Rugby, rabbits and dancing

Hello all!

Rugby World Cup fever has well and truly taken hold in Clicky Needles' Towers.  The flag is being proudly displayed and every one of the eight matches on over this weekend have been/are being watched.  Miss Clicky, a rugby hater,  is not happy.
I got in a range of supplies to keep us going.  I trawled my way through a massive pile of ironing yesterday whilst watching, a jolly good use of time I think.
Away from rugby, I was in a dance demonstration last weekend at a local Fair.  As I type this I realise that I've never told you about the classes I have been doing for a few years now.  I go to a Dance Fitness class which is huge fun.  We lunge around, waggle our arms, shimmy our hips and laugh a lot.  About six months ago I started another class with the same instructor called Body Blitz.  This class is every bit as unpleasant as it sounds.  I'm not sure I should really being doing sit-ups, burpees and planks (have a google) at my age, but I do.  This class is not fun. 

The main street of the village was shut off and the bunting was out.
 I was very apprehensive ~ I'm not sure people really need to see me in lycra, what if I mess up?   We danced in the school playground on tarmac which was hard work.
 As it was, it all went well.  I'm not sure why my arms are going in a totally different direction to everyone else's but never mind.
Look!  I've finished my Tooty Fruity Bag!  I am so, so, so happy with it.  
 I'm really looking forward to using it.
 The string is Nutscene and I used a 5mm hook and single crochet and the pattern from here.  I've made string bags in the past but with two strands and a big hook.  This is much stronger.  I made my handles longer so I can use it as a shoulder bag.
Lastly, I have the show The Bunnies.  They are very happily living in separate runs ~ they fight otherwise ~ this is Thumper a very lovely bunny who eats and that's about it...and.....
 .....this is Blue.  He looks so cute with his grey eyes to match his grey fur but don't let appearances deceive you.  
 He likes to dig holes and try to escape.  Indeed, he managed an escape the other week and disappeared under the fence into next door.  After much exploring through the undergrowth we bunny tackled him and got him back to where he belongs.  The lawn is not looking it's best. 
That's me for now, I'm off to Caerleon, the Roman Legion Museum near Newport tomorrow with our 'big' class at school.  We're asking "What have The Romans ever done for us?"  Well, apart from the sanitation, education, wine............

See you soon.......Clicky Needles