Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday 26 February 2013

February Scavenger Hunt


Here's February's Scavenger Hunt offerings from me.  I went to France in half term so quite a few are from there.

Red.  Café de France in La Clayette, looking cold.
14. 13 flowers on my cyclamen and 1 bud.
A kiss.  Demonstrated by my DS.
Something heart shaped.  Cakes in a patisserie in Macon. Yummy.
Something found nowhere else.  Lovely colourful houses around Bristol Harbour.
 Frozen.  Friend J's swimming pool in the snow.  No thanks!
 Park Bench.  French style!
 Glass.  Beautiful stained glass window made by J.
Shopping trolly.  Again French style.
Shadow.  A stunning bronze cockerel and his shadow in a gallery.
Breakfast.  Porridge, I have it most days.
 Bus.  Snapped whilst walking the dog.

That's me for February. 
 Pop over to Madewithlove to see the rest. 

Sunday 24 February 2013

Too Many Projects!

Hello Folks.

As promised, here I am back with knitterly goings on.

First of all my purchases from the Plassard Yarn Shop.
Granitée, a wool alpaca mix 11 balls.
Pastorale, wool acrylic mix, 11 balls.  I loved the colour of this.
All the following from the bargain bin :-)
Single ball of Pichenette, mohair.
4 balls of Graphic, no ball bands.
Three balls of Schoeller and Stall Zermatt,

and lastly a single ball of Baroque a loosely spun chunky yarn.

This has already been turned into a rib hat.  I used every last cm of yarn.
I seem to have fallen well off the 'only one large project and one small project' wagon.  Oh dear.

I started this waistcoat as car knitting, whilst not driving through France.
Most of the back is now done.
I've still got the green Olivia Jumper OTN.  I've finished the back, a sleeve and started the front.
I started an alpaca sock.  I dyed the yarn myself.
I've also started a very simple, garter stitch T-shape jumper with the Pastorale, 7mm needles, so shouldn't take long.
Also a pair of scrappy socks, two stripes of each yarn, changing yarn as I fancy. 
 This does leave lots of ends but I'm weaving in; across the top of the foot, as I go.
So all in all, nowhere near two items.  I find if I have too many things on the go I don't seem to finish any of them, so fingers crossed.

My Mum has also been making uterus and baby hats ~ thanks Mum.
This week my class went to Bristol for a look round the harbour and a sail on The Matthew, a replica of John Cabot's ship which sailed to Newfoundland 500 years ago.  It was bitterly cold but we had a good time.
A bronze of John Cabot.
The ropes always fascinate me.

We sailed past Brunel's SS Great Britain.
Up and down the harbour.
Colourful houses, new
and old.
A lone seagull in Millenium Square, walking on water.
He looks as cold as we were.
A good day out but sooooo cold.  If my teacher suggests a day out in February again, I'll put my foot down!

I need to get sending tea out for the Tea Swap, organised by LucyintheSky, not even got round to that yet.   I've had two packages from The States already!

So, that's about it for now, best I get knitting!
Have fun.

Byeeeee...................Clicky Needles.

Friday 22 February 2013

Trip to France and a New Family Member

Hello there!

All quiet from me of late, I popped over to France with my lovely friend B over half term to La Petite Maison.  You can read all about it here.  Our planning permission has been granted so we met with lots of tradesmen to get work underway.

We travelled through snow and when we arrived at Montmelard it was beautiful.  We were staying at our friend J's house Les Cerisiers.
The snow was also useful for chilling the Crement.
 In between meeting builders we had an afternoon in Macon the nearest town.
This is the cathedral.
We had a good poke around.
The river was really high.
 The patisseries had some yummy looking cakes.
As it was really chilly we stopped for a hot drink.  I had hot chocolate which was sublime.
Of course we needed sustenance, mine was the choccy 
tart (!)
Back at J's house I managed to catch a jay feeding on the lawn. 
We knitted, chatted, drank Crement and laughed a lot.  On the way home this gantry sign made us laugh.
Translated it means, "Are your passengers well attached?" well, I can tell you mine was not.
J and two of her lovely neighbours have been knitting uterus to go to Ethiopia with my S-I-L, so a great big thank you to them...
... a customer of B's crocheted hats.....
.....and another customer and B's mum made blankets.  Thank you to everyone, they will make a difference. 
The new member of the family?
Tipper, a 4 year old staffie/labrador cross.  We weren't wanting a dog but he was looking for a new home.
We all love him.

That's it for now, obviously I got lots of knitting done whilst I wasn't driving and I may have visited the Plassard Factory shop so I'll show you that tomorrow.
Bye for now................Clicky Needles.