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Wednesday 28 August 2013

New Things

Hello Folks!

Hope you're all well, I'm still busy with doings.
Mr Clicky and I were banging on Ikea's door at 10 o'clock on Saturday to have a look at their ideas for sink units and stuff.  I forgot to tell you that when we were lifting carpets we discovered a leak from the en-suite shower which was showing up in the back of my built-in cupboard.  When we investigated further we found a lot of black mould under the shower.  This has been happening for some time.  We patched the offending leak with silicone sealant but it looks like a new en-suite which weren't bargaining for.

We quite liked this.
Anyhoo, we got a couple of extra things in Ikea that we didn't go for ~ spontaneous buying I love it!  We got our purchases easily into the car ~ no kids to get in the way, had a wry smile at a family trying to get in all the boxes and kids and when we got home spent the next few hours assembling.
Firstly a chest for Miss Clicky's bedroom, much bigger than the previous one, which she will hopefully use instead of the floor.
Also a set of drawer inserts to keep knickers, socks and tights in order.
Master Clicky also got a set of these, not sure if it'll work for him though!

A new computer desk for the study which holds lots of books and DVDs.  This is a massive improvement on the old black ash unit ~ remember those? ~ the corner design being much better for the space.  Excuse wire spaghetti on the floor but we've all got one!
Another thing to show you, new curtains for our bedroom.  They came from B&Q of all places which isn't a place that springs to mind when buying furnishings for me.  I think they were end of line and were in the sale.  I didn't really want full length but that was all they had and I have to say they really do look good.  Slightly thicker than the old Ikea ones so a bit darker in the mornings.  With the new carpet and new curtains the walls are looking a bit worn so time for bedroom decoration soon methinks.  I'm thinking shades of grey.
Finally some pictures from a dog walk me and Mr Clicky did ~ and the dog of course ~ on Bank Holiday Monday, pictures all taken with my phone.
A Scabious in a hedgerow.
Along through a newly harvested field, I could hear the combines when I went to bed the night before.
After the fields through some allotments.  When we moved here 14 years ago this was a council owned field.  Now it has re-opened as allotments.  We particularly liked these compost bins with leeks stood attention filling the triangle that was left.
The dog loved the walk, so many interesting smells.
When we got back we had coffee ~ Mr and Master Clicky and tea ~ me, and cake outside.  Lovely.
I have written the majority of this post on my iPad sat in the sun outside.  I'm using the blogger app which seems easier than when I tried it last year sometime.  However, I'm not sure how to change the font or manipulate the pictures, so I'll be back to the Mac for that.

There we are, all done now.

As always have fun.
See you soon.....Clicky Needles. 

Friday 23 August 2013

All Done.

Hello folks!

All the old carpets have gone and the new ones are down.
We filled my car and I took it to the tip.
The new carpets are ~ well beige, but they look spiffing against the newly painted skirting boards.
I love the way it looks now but I have to say it's not a process I want to be repeating any time soon.
Three bedrooms, living room, study, stairs and the cupboards and built-in wardrobes where everything gets shoved.    Everything shuffled from one room to another whilst trying to keep out of the way of the fitters. 
 I'm glad it's all over. 
 You may remember that I dropped my iPad a while back and it went over the border to Witney to get repaired.  This went well, costing £70 which seemed a good deal all round, better than buying a new one.  I decided it was time for a better case than just the pull back cover.  I had a trawl on t'internet and found something I liked on Amazon.  A few days later a lovely package arrived.

It is fabric, so I gave it a good spray with Scotch Guard.  It's from a company called Lente Designs, they have all manner of cases in lots of zingy fabrics.
 I can carry my iPad around in much more safety now :-). 
If you've followed this blog for a bit you might remember that we bought this patio set last summer.  Comfy chairs, bright and cheerful. 
We didn't have enough space in the garage to overwinter the chairs so they stayed out in the snow and weather and when we sat on them this happened.  The webbing had just disintegrated.
Luckily when we were in B&Q the other day ~ been there a lot lately, buying paint ~ we four silver replacements in the sale, just as well because I've been sitting out listening to Test Match Special again. 
England have won The Ashes now, although the play in the last Test at The Oval isn't that great and I'm not sure how they will fare in the return Ashes Series in November in Australia. 

That's all for now, I'll be back soon, maybe with some knitting.
Have fun...........Clicky Needles.

Friday 16 August 2013

A Grand Day Out

Hello all.

We decided to have a break away from the painting so Mr Clicky, me and Miss Clicky had a day in Birmingham.  I didn't want to be carrying too much so left the camera and took all these photos on my phone.
We caught the train from Cheltenham and got off right in the Bullring and a short walk into the shops.
The new buildings are all quite curvy.

Inside Selfridges.
A paper rainbow ~ needs tidying up a bit!
This being the Bullring there were bulls all over.  This one in the pick and mix area.
We had a good wander round the shops and then walked to Gas Street Basin to see the canals.
 A mixture of Victorian and modern architecture, with some 1970s concrete thrown in.  I didn't take any pictures of that!
 This is the new Library of Birmingham which is still under construction, the building is massive and has an estimated cost of £188.8 million.
 Stripy wallpaper in Pizza Express.
  A living wall on the side of a restaurant. 
What did I buy?
A sparkly bracelet..... 
 ...... and some barmy boots in Marks and Spencer.  I love them ~ not sure when I'll wear them!
Of course I had a knit on the train.  I found my alpaca socks when moving everything for the painting, I'd totally forgotten about them.
 Master Clicky stayed at home with the dog, they both seemed to have a good time.  The dog had run up and down the street with all the neighbour's children dragging DS with him.

A good day for all.
See you soon...........Clicky Needles.

Friday 9 August 2013


Hello folks.
How are you?
I've been up to lots of doings which I had planned to tell you about today but I am too tired to be amusing/spell things correctly/nice.

Mr Clicky and me decided that it is time to replace the some of the carpets at home.  They were all new when we moved in 12 years ago and now they're all worn out together.  We're doing 3 bedrooms, stairs, living room and study.  Half a house move.  We've also decided that each room needs the skirting boards painting before the new carpets go in.  Great.  Woodwork the worst sort of painting ever and the bannisters are really fiddly.  So, as well as sorting out the rooms and chucking out the accumulated rubbish from 12 years we're decorating too.   

This week I am to be found kneeling with my bum in the air, painting.
I have paint up my arms and we can't find a thing.  The poor dog isn't sure quite what to do with himself and he also has a white streak of paint on his side.
Mr Clicky is on holiday but has injured his back loading up the car to go to the tip.   He is walking gingerly.
On a brighter note I pulled this tunic out of the naughty corner and sewed it up.  It wasn't really naughty, I couldn't be bothered to do it.
I got the yarn whilst I was in France in February.  It is a simple t-shaped tunic knit in one piece on 7mm needles.   The knitting took no time.  The sewing up longer.
It is cosy warm and if I was thinner would be quite long. 
 Still, I'm very pleased with it and I love the brightness of the yarn.

Righto, I'm off for a bath ~ my knees really hurt ~ and I'll see you again when I've got more energy.
Bye for now............Clicky Needles.