Scavenger Hunt

Saturday 20 February 2021

Link Up Party: Unexpected.

 Today's Scavenger Hunt word is unexpected.  

My Friday was unexpected, I ended up at the vet with the dog with a bleeding paw which I couldn't stop.  He now has a massive bandage on it.  No pictures of that, it wasn't very pretty.  

So, something else unexpected came to me this week.  I found a free zippy greenhouse locally.  I am growing flowers for cutting this year, something I have never done before. 

I gave it a good wash down and erected it on the patio, as there is no where else for it to goWho needs to sit on the patio anyway?  

I weighted it down with a paving slab and it is pegged down by guy ropes.

It only has shelves on one side,

so I found a cheap shoe rack for shelving on the other side.  I think I can fit 15 seed trays on here.

I am now starting to sow seeds in earnest, germinating them indoors and moving them into The Zippy.  Let's hope the summer will be filled with colour.

I wonder what was unexpected for everyone else.  Thanks Kate for organising. 

Friday 12 February 2021

Link Up Party: Starts with a W

Today's Scavenger Hunt is starts with a W.  I was wracking my brains for this one, and then I realised I had taken some pictures of a wren in the garden this week.  

Firstly I need to apologise for the quality of the pictures, I was on full zoom from inside the house and was a bit wobbly.

My eye was caught by a movement in the garden and I realised it was a wren with a juicy fat, lime green caterpillar.

He/she? bashed and bashed the caterpillar around and around and pecked at it while holding it with his claw.

It was quite a struggle.

 But eventually it disappeared.

And the wren went on it's way.

I wonder what everyone has found that starts with a W.  Look here.  Thanks Kate for organising.

Friday 5 February 2021

Link Up Party ~ A Lovely Memory

 Today's scavenger hunt pictures are a lovely memory.

This was a really easy subject for me, my lovely memory is Miss Clicky's wedding in July 2019.  It was a warm summer's day and we held it in a marquee next to the River Severn and we camped overnight.  It was so relaxed with lots of laughter and help from wonderful friends.

This picture was taken by the photographer ~ I don't have a drone. :-)

The flowers were beautiful, from cutting patch next to the field.

They have inspired me to grow my own cutting patch this year ~ expect to see more on this through the year.

I'm off to check out other people's memories here.  Thanks Kate!