Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Starting to Flower

 Hello folks!

Well the weather has certainly picked up from my last post.  The newspapers are screaming 'Heatwave!' and summer seems to have arrived at last.

You won't be surprised that I have been busy working on my cutting patch.

We covered the second half of the no dig bed with cardboard and had another load of manure delivered. 

I soon had it spread and used spare wood from our woodpile to make paths spaced at a metre apart.

I've been busy planting

The Ranunculus are starting to flower; this is the first time I have grown them

and I gave the first bunch of them to my neighbour.

I've also been foraging around the back garden and came out with this posy.
The alliums have been beautiful; there are lots around our small patio.

I love the way that they have come up through this Angelica Gigas.

The raised bed next to the patio is also looking good.  I am definitely a purple/pink sorta girl when it comes to flowers.

In other news Baby Needles was 2 last week!  I have no idea where that time has gone.  She is growing up fast, her favourite word is NO!  I am still looking after her for 1 day a week whilst her mum is at work, such lovely times.  

Next week we are camping with Baby Needles and her mum and dad, the first time she will be sleeping in a tent.  I wonder how that will go?

I'm planning a new sewing project to take ~ if I get any quiet time ~ as if I don't have enough projects on the go.  Master Clicky is in charge of my seedlings whilst we're away, I wonder how that will go?

That's me for now, I'm planning what to take camping, everything and the kitchen sink.

Have fun............................Clicky Needles.