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Friday 18 July 2014


Hi There!

Just a quick post today.

School has finished, always a sad occasion with the 10 year olds leaving and this year, two of our teachers as well.   I've worked with both of them in different classes.  They were both Newly Qualified Teachers when we (school) got them and with a few years of patience and the help of the other teaching assistants we got them whipped into shape.  We had a farewell meal last night which was a very raucous affair.
In September we have two new NQTs and the process starts again!

We had a fabulous sports day with a picnic lunch and the trips have all proved to be enjoyable.
I've also been making more clock cosies!  The teacher leaving from reception asked for a clock cosy for her new classroom so I was only too happy to oblige.  I popped it on the clock in the classroom and the reception children said they liked it better than the old one and too be fair the colours were much more vibrant.  So, I had to make another cosy!
Here they are.

Master Clicky has been doing experience all week at a local company engineering company and enjoying it immensely.  He's been machining metal into different shaped pieces of metal, checking out the 3D printers (they're amazing Mum!) looking at the lasers and drinking lots of coffee.  

We are off to France tomorrow at 2.30am to carry out some more of a long list of work on our little house.  I really should be packing now, so I'll say bye for now and see you soon.  Fingers crossed we don't get another thunder storm like last night's when were driving!

Clicky Needles.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Days Out

Hi There.

The weather of late has been pleasantly warm, a few days of thunderstorms but on the whole great.

I took to my favourite place in the garden on Saturday ~ my steamer chair ~ and took out lots of things to keep me busy.
My current book ~ 1000 Years of Annoying the French ~ a highly amusing look at Anglo-French relations and August's copy of Style at Home Magazine which had come through the letter box that morning.
As I was flipping through I saw a crochet cushion which looked a bit familiar on further inspection it turned out to be our very own blogger Gillian from Tales from a Happy House.
I was so giddy for her that I didn't do much knitting.

I've resurrected this top down cardi from behind the sofa.  I'd left it in summer 2012 having frogged one of the sleeves because it was too baggy. I didn't realise it has been there 2 years!  The decreases now have fewer rows in between.  So far so good.
I was also sipping a Gordon's with elderflower ~ my first try of this ~ and I found it most refreshing.
I've been on 2 school trips this week, one to a local farm for the children to build dens, toast marshmallows and scone twists over the camp fire and generally have a lovely time outdoors.  The sun shone, and whilst the children had fun I made a cosy for our new Garmin SatNav which didn't come with any sort of cover.
 At least it can be put in the glove box when not in use and not get scratched. 
 Today's trip with the Reception children was to the Bristol Aquarium.  I've not been before so was looking forward to it.

The jelly fish had red and blue lights to make them glow.
The four round bits are their tummies.

Fish, I have discovered are difficult to photograph!
There were some real monsters!
The seahorses were my favourite.
 A Leopard Shark sitting above us in the tunnel. 
 A member of staff dip-diving to clean the tank.
 When we walked through Millennium Square back to the bus, people were watching Andy Murray (lose) his match at Wimbledon. 
 I am tired after my two days of trips and have already had a quick snooze on the sofa this evening.  Next trip next week!

Lastly my new stripy (but muted) door mat.  I like it very much and it picks up the colour of the tiles well.
That's me for now.....see you soon.

Clicky Needles. x