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Sunday 9 December 2018

A Grand Day Out

Hello There!

Now that I have a bit more time time on my hands, me and my lovely knitting pal Romain decided to have a day out at the American Museum in Bath.  It's only an hour or so down the road from home and the last time I went I think I must have been about 10, so time for another visit.

There were room guides aplenty and we took the recommended route, which starts in the basement.  Here we found some beautiful beaded moccasins 

a stunning waistcoat which is also beaded, not embroidered as I thought on my first look.

and an Indian Headdress.

We carried on upstairs to the quilt room, which was why we had come, obviously!  There were some beautiful examples.
Some more modern and some really old.
This Flower Garden Quilt dates back to 1840.

There was a huge variety of techniques, luckily I had Romain with me who was able to explain most of them!
This one had embroidered animals on too.
The museum was also 'decorated for Christmas,' I was a little disappointed in the decorations but this tree, also in the quilt room, was made of fabric scraps over a metal frame and was quite something.
The main Christmas Tree in the hallway was however, very lovely ~ oh to live in a house with an impressive hall and stairs!

It was covered in santa log cabin quilt blocks made by a supporter of the museum.
This little tree had only quilled decorations.

The rooms of the house have a period theme, each one being different.

A sampler made by 10 year old Hannah Taylor in 1774.

The walls in this bedroom are painted boards, not wallpaper.
We had lunch and then ventured out ~ through the rain ~ into the grounds which have undergone a refurbishment this summer.  There were big herbaceous beds planted in drifts which will, I'm sure, look great next summer.
I came away feeling quite inspired.  Maybe quilting is something to try in the future.  

Right that's me for now, I've been making Christmas decorations which I'll show you soon.

As always, have a great week.....Clicky Needles.