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Sunday 27 June 2010

Sunday 27 June ~ Blimey It's Hot!

Well, what fabby weather.
I am loving it very much.

Oopsy ~ England are out of the World Cup. The flags on the car will come off and the Cross of St George is no longer hanging out the window.
Hey Ho.
I've been having a lovely time pottering around the garden today ~ sometimes having to find a bit of shade to cool down, drinking the Elderflower Cordial which my Mum made and I have to say it was very nice.
Recipe is here if you fancy trying it.
Do you like my lovely new tray I got from Tesco this week?
I've got a few bits and pieces done this week as well. DD asked for a Cosy for her I-Pod Nano, so always happy to use up bits of sock yarn I produced these two. I dyed the yarn myself a while back with food colouring. I couldn't decide which colour to go for ~ so just went for the lot!
The other thing I've made is this crochet market bag. The knitting group I go to met yesterday ~ the only problem being is it is in a Anderson Classroom which heats up much like and oven ~ so I took some cotton which was in the 'use it or loose it' pile and made a market bag.
I think it might live in the car ~ so I've always got a bag ~ just in case.
I had this little bit of cotton left and ~ takes a big breath ~ I THREW IT AWAY.
I may need a lie down.
I also managed to get some Ripplyness done yesterday whilst DD had a riding lesson.
Again heat was a problem ~ so I draped the blankie over the steering wheel and made a bit of a wooly tent ~ but staying cool myself. It's coming along quite nicely now.
Here's a pretty Clematis which is rambling up through a Twisted Willow ~ doesn't that sky look beautiful.
My Favourite Place is under this and the bubble pool is on the other side of the deck. The buoy was a present from from lovely neighbours we had.
DS is away for 3 days on a Residential ~ so a quiet drive to school/work for me.
We're away camping next weekend with some wonderful friends ~ I hope that the weather holds. You can expect lots of tenty pictures!!!
Have a good week.
Byeeeeeeee Clicky Needles.

Thursday 24 June 2010

Thursday 24th June

Hello All!
Just a quick report on the two trips this week.
On Tuesday I went to The Cotswold Wildlife Park with the littlies in school.
We had great fun and saw all sorts of fabby animals, and what's so great, you can get really close. (There is a deep ditch between but no wire.)
It was a lovely summer's day.
We were told by a member of staff that latest thinking is the stripes of a Zebra are not for camouflage but for identification.
The lions had the best idea ~ just sunbathing.........

.................but my favourite ~ Meerkats ~ this Dad on look out whilst his family were having a nice time.................
.....................lying in the sun too.
We had several fall asleep on the coach on the way back ~
and that was just the adults.
On Wednesday I went to Cattle Country with the Year 3/4 class ~ which to be honest, involved charging around, zip wires, drop slides, trampolining and getting wet in the splash pool.
Everybody had a wonderful time and there was no need for the sick bucket on both trips ~ which is always a bonus.
I even managed to get a bit on knitting done on the coach!
Byeeeeee for now. Clicky Needles.

Sunday 20 June 2010

Sunday 20th June

Hello All!!!
I've had a hectic week ~ I've been on two courses for work, which have both been great but means two days out of school which is not so great ~ and we're TRYING to get reports done as well ~ which for me means not writing comments, but getting everything on the report prepared for the teachers (for 90 kids) ~ this is not my favourite time of year!
I'm also feeling a little melancholic because these are the last few weeks DS (11) and me will be going to work/school together ~ he's off to secondary in September ~ so things at school will be a different for me without him around. (No more sneaky cuddles!)

The World Cup Socks are doing well ~ as you can see one is finished. The colours are so rich. These socks are, of course, for ME ME ME ME ME ME, I can't tempt anyone else in the family/friend circle at the mo' ~ never mind!
It occurred to me the other day that I hadn't actually shown you what The Big Project on the needles is, (I'm not counting the blanket as The Other Thing ~ that's very long term) anyhoo I got it out the other day to do some more.
It caught my eye because it's just a bit different. Made in Stylecraft Life yarn which is a wool/acrylic mix in this yummy orange colour.
You can see it's asymmetrical, has unusual pointy sleeves and is in 2x2 rib. Now I know that some people hate 2x2 rib but I find it quite relaxing and can get into a good rhythm whilst knitting it.
And now the gardeny thing.
This is a lovely Black Elderflower or Sambucus Nigra if you want to be latin. My Mum has suggested that I make Elderflower Cordial from the flowers and has sent a recipe ~ but I think rather than strip MY tree of flowers I'll find some bog standard wild ones to make it from ~ she says it is yummy ~ I'll report back.
Well, must go now to do some of that rubbish houseworky stuff and I should hit the garden too.
I've got two trips to go on this week with school ~ KS1 and Year 3/4 so pray for good weather please. I find trips exhausting at the best of times ~ so rain will not help my mood!!!
See you soon.
Clicky Needles.

Sunday 13 June 2010

Sunday 13th June, Augusta Wrap Ta-Dah!!!!!!!!

Here it is!!!!!!!!!
The Augusta Mobius Wrap is complete.
I'm really loving this and I'm feeling right glam wearing it.
I blocked it to make the points ~ I'm not sure how long they'll last.
The pattern was in Let's Knit! May ~ one ball of Regia Hand Dye Effect sock yarn.
Mr Clicky Needles dragged me out yesterday to see this field of poppies.
There are lots of fields over the Cotswolds looking like this at the moment.
He had seen it from the main road and they looked fabby but to take a (safe) photo we had to turn off and go up a little country lane and this picture involved me scrambling up a stinging nettle bank in flip flops so this is the best I could do!
It was nice to get out actually because when I went to hang out the washing yesterday there was a HORRIBLE smell. My immediate thought that there was a dead something in the garden and spent quite some time looking for the unfortunate dead thing.
Then it dawned on me.
The Stinky Plant was flowering.
This has always been known as The Stinky Plant in our household ~ it's actually a Dragon Arum. The only trouble with it is that it stinks like rotting fish and was almost making me gag. It was covered with flies which it needs for pollination. It's in the same family as the Titan Arum which usually grow in rainforests. Luckily the smell has gone today ~ and in a few days time the flower will go too. I love the colour just not the smell!
Last piccy ~ the evening sunset last night.
I've not decided on the new project yet ~ so it'll be the socks which are coming along nicely and the ripple blankie which I'm still enjoying ~ but I need to be a bit more disciplined doing or it'll be going on forever!
Hope you have a good week.
Byeeeeeeee Clicky Needles.

Saturday 12 June 2010

Saturday 12th June. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I'm very excited and needed to share it with you.
The Mobius is finished!!!!!!!!!!!
Which means I've cast on.
A SOCK!!!!!!
Yes, the Mobius is blocking at the moment and it is lovely (even if I do say so myself!) I finished yesterday afternoon in the sunshine in my favourite place. Piccy to follow.
But the more exciting thing is I've got socks on the go. Now, I didn't think I would get sooo excited about a sock, but the colours of the yarn are so darn nice.
It's more of that Kaffe Fassett Regia that was just such a bargain at Kemps.
These will have to be called World Cup Socks I think. I don't actually like football that much ~ more of a Rugby Union girl ~ but I DO watch the World Cup, we have the flags on the car and the Cross of St George hanging out of the window ~ so this will be a small project for the duration. I did all of this (3/4 way up the sole) last night whilst watching France v Uruguay last night so there might be lots of socks by the end!
I may have to start something else too.
So now onto gardeny things.
This is probably my favourite thing in the garden. I can be found stood next to it with a strange faraway look on my face. It is a Cirsium Rivulare and quite
The bees also love it and seem to get a bit drunk and woozy when they're on it.
Just a beautiful pincushion, and shocking pink!
More Alliums ~ this time a much larger type and more starry ~ lots of these popping up ~ again from seed heads.
And lastly a pretty foxglove.
Righto off to have a think about the next project ~ I shall report back when I have decided.
Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be.
Byeeeeee. Clicky Needles.

Tuesday 8 June 2010

Tuesday 8th June

A little bit of knitting news to report.
The Mobius is now GOING WELL. Yay!
JosieKitten this is all for you!
I'm using a new pair of Knit-Pro Needles (lovely) and it's really making progress.
Sorry this picture isn't the best ~ but I'm sure the modelled, finished one will be better!
A small confession ~ I nearly caved in and cast on for a new sock.
I have resisted ~ so far but it's soooo hard. I told you ~ real sock-itus at the moment.
The weather has been yuk today - some horrible downpours, which, in turn brings out loads of slugs and snails, so those Hostas will be disappearing soon.
Off to do more Mobius.
Byeeee Clicky Needles.

Sunday 6 June 2010

Sunday 6th June

Blimey it's June.
When did that happen?
We've had a good week off, just the last 6 weeks to go now to the big summer holidays. Yay!
Me and DD had some fun on Friday with some fibre.
From this.
To this........
......with lots of soap and water and squishing and squashing. This is a bit of a prototype ~ I think we need to make the spikes a bit shorter ~ but DD likes it and has worn it all weekend. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a colour change ~ we made a couple!
Garden progress ~ not much! It has been sooooo hot the best option was to sit still. DS mowed the lawn for me ~ I did offer but he said "No Mum, you're half naked!" I WAS wearing a bikini at the time but he wouldn't let me ~ I suppose it might have been scary for the neighbours. (Could be a future ploy for getting someone else to mow the lawn.)
Knitting progress ~ not much either. I really, really, really wanted to cast on for a new pair of socks (I've deffo got sock-itus) but resisted and started the Mobius again. Going ok-ish but it seems to be getting tedious.
I've also had a bit more of a go at my Ripple Blanket ~ it's about 1/4 finished. This I am still enjoying.
Today I've gone through all my stash and had a jolly good sort out. It took about 2 hours. A friend of mine said once "I've got lots of stash, but never the right yarn to make what I want!" I do know what she means ~ but getting it out and having a long hard look has been quite useful I think. The projects the I've knitted in my head this afternoon have been great!
I'm off now.
Thanks for reading, as always. Clicky Needles.

Friday 4 June 2010

Friday 4th June ~ everything is green

Well half term has nearly gone.
I've had a lovely week with the kids who have been nice to each other ~ hardly any arguments so that's great!
I tried to do some of The Front Garden yesterday but it was just too hot. The front faces south there's lots of tarmac and with everybody's driveways heats up too much.
I was having a go at this bit ~ but gave up deciding that sweat pouring down the face was not a good look.
This is the postman's path ~ as we all know postmen (and women) are genetically programmed to take the shortest route, wherever they go. So our's comes off the road and up the path in front of the house, not round the front of the drive.
He has to try and balance on these logs which are rotting away, so the plan is make proper steps. I started to clear this bit but soon gave up!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing in The Steamer Chair!

Some knitting progress (or lack of it.)
I looked at the Mobius Wrap and noticed that I had only caught a few fibres of the yarn about half way down on a stitch (it is quite splitty) which would have come undone with wear.
Only one thing for it.
(For you non knitting types frog means undo, the noise your yarn makes is a bit like ribbit, ribbit.)
Easier said than done because of that 180 degree twist.
I got into a right pickle. It look about 2 hours in the end.
It just as well I like the yarn colours (a lot) because I nearly ended up attacking it with scissors. Couldn't have used the yarn again but I would have felt better!
Anyhoo whilst it was off the needle I tried it on and as I suspected it was too tight ~ so I've cast on again but for the medium size. It might be shorter lengthwise but that's OK.
With the Mobius driving me mad I made this scarf because I HAD TO MAKE SOMETHING.
Huge 15mm needles and knitted in a yarn from Asian trends called La Pampa. It is a Merino/Mohair mix which I got from Ally Pally knitting show last year. Very warm so it'll great for winter.
Finished in no time.
Just what I needed.
Modelled by our South Sea Island head he looks fairly happy with it I'd say.
The last thing to show you - my new watch. It cost £10.00 from a shop in Cheltenham and I am very pleased with it. There was a myriad of colours ~ purple, shocking pink, turquoise and the green. A bit bonkers and huge but never mind.
Time (boom, boom!) to go now.
Have a great Friday.
Clicky Needles.