Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 22 April 2012

Quiet Week

Hello all.

It's been a very quiet normal week for me.  Back to school and lots of smiley faces.  

After last week's fairly long post with lots of pictures I find myself with very little to say today.
(Those who actually know me may find this hard to believe.)

I went to watch DS play rugby this morning, something I don't do that often, as it is usually raining/snowing/frosty/cold and always miserable.   Anyhoo Mr Clicky persuaded me to go today, and as the sun was out I agreed.  I received much stick from the other parents I hadn't seen for quite some time.    True to form, after a bit it rained a lot and we got soaked.  Typical April weather, sunshine and showers, which is of course, how it should be in April.  When I checked back to this time last year, it was very hot and I got sunburnt!
DS has asked me to tell you that his team won.
The pitch was at the foot of the Malvern Hills.
Around the pitch I found some lovely Hawthorn blossom.
 On the knitting front I really need to pull my finger out and get my jacket finished.  I've only the last bit of one arm to do and then I should be sewing up, I'm boldly going to say it'll be done for next week!

I also cast on for a hat using sock yarn from the stash, another lovely bold colour.
Well that's about it for now I think I told you it was short.  I considered taking part in the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week run by Eskimimi but decided not to.  I'll be watching other blogs with interest though.

As always have a fun week.

Bye for now..................Clicky Needles.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Back to the Grindstone

Hello folks.

We've had a lovely Easter in the Clicky Needles' household.

After finishing Mr Clicky's (very boring) socks I dug out of my stash some very bright sock yarn to make a smaller and much more interesting pair for me.  I cast on and couldn't put them down.  I'd forgotten how satisfying it can be knitting socks when they are lovely colours.
The yarn is Regia Stretch Crazycolour.  They are very comfy.

The other finished 'thing' is a little monster I made for DS.  This yarn was left over from a pair of his socks.  As with the socks he knitted some as well as me.  It was knit in the  round, I sewed up the bottom stuffed with some haricot beans for weight and then filled with toy stuffing.  The horns are i-cords with a pipe cleaner in each.  I then kitchenered up the top trapping in the horns.

Mr Clicky has had a week off too so we've been pottering around together.  Of course, this being Easter I made several lots of nest cakes ~ you're never too old for these!
 Talking of nests, remember I told you that our nest box was being inhabited?  I stood for quite some time to get these pictures of the blue tit and this was the best I managed.

Just arriving with a beak full of nest material.

About to go in.
After those Goldfinches took all the clematis fluff the other week, I threw some roving into the garden to help the other birds out.  Upon reflection I should have separated it it a bit.
This female blackbird wasn't going to give any of this bit up it was nearly as big as her.
She struggled for quite some time with it and then disappeared into this Mahonia, right in front of the kitchen window.
We'll be able to watch her but not disturb her, how great!

On our various travels this week, Mr Clicky and me found ourselves outside an Asda Home Store and happened across this rather bright patio set.  We've been looking for a set for several years, until now we've been making do with our camping chairs and table.  Nothing wrong with that but 'proper' ones would be nice.  
The set needed to pass several points.
1.  No wood at all ~ easier to care for.
2.  Comfy chairs.
3.  Easy to clean.
4. Stackable chairs ~ easy to store in the winter.
When Mr Clicky approached this set and said 'I like that' you could have knocked me over with a feather!   I agreed before he could change his mind and had it in the car in a flash.
What do you think?
I love it and look forward to lots of outdoor meals from now on.

The last thing to show you this week is the unit in our kitchen.  It is supposed to be for display but as you can see it becomes a dumping ground.

I took everything off, gave the china and glass a good wash and had a re-arrange.   The bottom three shelves had lots of cookery books and are full of old knitting magazines.  I went through all the magazines, took out the patterns I needed and the rest have gone in the recycling.
You can see I've also re-arranged and moved that yarn. 
 Mr Clicky and DS both said it was their favourite bit ~ I think they might be nearly fully trained in yarn appreciation. 
Here's a close-up for you.

Obviously I've loads more yarn in other places(!!!!!!)

So that's about it I think ~ just to let you know I had a blood test last week and I'm now well in the road to recovery so back to school tomorrow.

As always have fun...........Clicky Needles.

Saturday 14 April 2012

Scarecrows Part 2

Hello, as promised some more Scarecrows.  

Darth Vader and Yoda

Kate and Leo on the Titanic and a surprised girl.
A little boy and his bike and a farmer, sheepdog and sheep.
Sleeping Beauty.
The Queen and Prince Phillip and a tea party.
 Snake (Mr Clicky and me voted him our favourite)

A beautiful view.          Can you see the trampoline? don't    
                               bounce too high or you'll be in the river!         

 One of the little pathways.      I love the colour of this cottage. 

 And lastly our tea! What lovely china for a village hall. 
A beautiful quilt of Chalford Vale on display and all the yummy cakes.

There we are.

I've some knitting bits to show tomorrow and I am pleased to report that Mr Clicky Needles has now realised how nice hand knitted socks are to wear, so I won't be frogging the colourful ones I made for him after all ~ result!  

Bye for now......................Clicky Needles.

Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Scarecrow Trail Part 1

Hi there!

Every Easter Chalford has a Scarecrow trail, have a walk and  find clues to a riddle.  The scarecrows are absolutely fabulous.  It must take a huge amount of effort and thought making these wonderful things.  We have lived up the road for nearly 12 years now and have never been, so Mr Clicky and me decided it was time to have a go too. 

 It was raining, misty, drizzly rain the sort that gets you really wet without you noticing it.  We couldn't rouse the children to join us, so we went on our own.  We donned our wellies and got prepared for the wet.
Mr Clicky set off on the very steep footpath
and we were soon finding them.
 General scarecrows.

 Daniel Craig and George Clooney (and why wouldn't you?)

Two camping in the vale and Peppa Pig and family. 
 Lady in Lavender and cat by it's gypsy caravan.

Clown and Bob the Builder (he still had the house to finish) 
The cottage that Amy Winehouse was sat by was beautiful. 
Policewoman to keep everyone in check and Zebedee and Florence.
There was an Olympic theme in some.
 Boris Johnson ( we laughed a lot when we saw this), the Olympic Mascot and a diver.

Well, as this post is rather picture heavy I'll show you the rest tomorrow including our lovely tea and cake.

Bye for now, have fun ................Clicky Needles.