Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 27 May 2012

Yaaayy Sunshine!

Hi all.

That sunshine has certainly been visiting us this week.  
It has been glorious.
Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but there's a smile on my face.
The children at school have been over the moon, we've been able to use the wonderful school field that we have.
I found these bluebells whilst on lunchtime duty this week.
We've have another visitor to the area as well.  The Olympic Torch has been this way.  I didn't turn  out to see it, but all the children in my class did (it passed through their locality.)  
My bloggy friend, HillyT has written a lovely account of it passing through Stroud, so pop over there if you want to look.

The sunshine has my flowers bursting into bloom.
I love this foxglove, I grew it from seed.
This rose 'Geoff Hamilton' smells divine.
As you can see it is growing through our Clematis Montana which drips off the fence and is getting to the point of needing a good cut back.
 On the knitting front, my sock yarn hat is continuing.  I'm not sure I told you it was reversible.  I cast on provisionally and I'm now making the plain side.  The plainness is getting a bit boring now and I've only done a few centimetres!  I getting very restless with it and to make matters worse I don't know what to start next!  Oh dear.
 I have pulled this felted bag out from under the bed in a bid to do something useful.  I made the bag and flowers about (ahem) 5 years ago but the sewing up fairy didn't seem to come.  Huh!  Every now and then I looked at it and back it went.
Anyhoo all done now.  I sewed in the handles and attached the flowers.  
It is a darker purple than the picture shows, the yarn, Cascade 220 felts like a dream.
 I received my friendship squares....
 ...and the ones I made are ready to send.

So what will the next project be?  Who knows.  Let's hope I settle on something this week.

As always have a great week but there may be rain on the way!

Bye for now...............Clicky Needles.

Sunday 20 May 2012

Sunday Cricket

Hello there!

I put the mockers on the sun didn't I?  It's carried on being another cold, sometimes wet but mostly miserable week.

DS has started playing cricket, so this morning found us The Green at Frampton on Severn.

The Green is as you would imagine complete with a pond and swans.
Their nest, but it seemed they had abandoned it.
We settled down with our (hot) tea and the hat was at the ready.  I wore THE jacket and was toasty warm.  After a while however, my hands got jolly cold and I had to warm them up under some hot water!
The pitch at Frampton is front of the pub (sadly shut) and the village lanes run around it. 
 Here is DS bowling, if you look carefully behind the fielder you can see the road that runs past.  It was very close to the pitch and a car had to stop to avoid a 6!  The passenger got out to help the fielders find the ball. 
They won!

It was DS' birthday last week and we bought him in android phone to replace his old one, which didn't seem to want to work after I washed it.
Anyhoo, he has been playing Words with Friends with me and is picking up tips fast.  
Look at this score of 102.  Hurumph I say.
 On the knitting front I made some bunting to go up at school, the children thought it was great ~ easily pleased!

 I've also made a felted bag which is waiting for the handle to be sewn on, so you'll have to wait to see it.  

Why not pop over to Ozzy Blackbeard's blog to see her All Seasons Cardi, I think I might have to get the pattern mmmmmm.......................

Time to go now, good news ~ the weathermen are actually predicting warmer weather this week...............

Thanks for popping by ............Clicky Needles.

Sunday 13 May 2012

And here it is! Jacket Ta-Dah!!!!!

Hello all!

Well yes, at last I'm very proud to present The Jacket!
 It's super~snuggly warm and although it took longer than I expected, I'm loving it.  
Upon reflection, a project will take a long time if you don't actually do it.  Leaving it in the project bag and not getting it out probably isn't the right strategy.  
Anyhoo all done now.
 The rain seems to have stopped for a bit now, what a washout April was!
I got out in the garden yesterday and this time made sure I had the camera to hand, just in case the robin showed up.  He did and I got these pictures.
 He's a lovely companion to have.  A burst of song and then he's pouncing on worms.
Today I've been sitting in the sun working on that sock yarn hat.  As you can see from the reflection in the table top there are a few clouds, but on the whole, it really is lovely.
I thought you might like to see some pictures of The Queen the children have been working on at school.
 There are some good likeness', some look uncannily like Princess Anne!
 We're going Jubilee mad, having spent a lot of time studying the Coronation and using that for a piece of writing.  The children really did well, giving pretty good accounts of what it would have been like to be in the crowd with descriptions of the Golden Coach and how boring it would have been waiting for The Procession.  We then made periscopes (so you can see over the crowd!) 

Well that's about it for now I think. 

 I would like to say Hi! to the newest followers and thanks to everyone for your lovely comments.  
They really do make my day.

Have fun, whatever you get up to, and lets hope the sun carries on for a bit.  

I'm back out in the garden!

Bye....................................Clicky Needles.

Sunday 6 May 2012

A Day out in London

Hello folks!

Me, Mr Clicky and DS spent the day in London yesterday.  
We drove to Theale, just off the M4 and got the train into London.  
DS' ticket was a bargain £1.00!
DS ~ poor deprived thing that he is ~ hadn't been on the Tube for quite some time and he loved it!  He was bowled over by the fact that he could travel anywhere underground in London on his £1.00 ticket. We emerged into daylight to see the Eye.
A short walk up the road and we were at our destination.
The Imperial War Museum.

The guns outside are massive, from two ships.  That's Mr Clicky and DS standing by the shells that they would fire.
We met my cousin and her friend and we had an explore inside.
It's a very impressive entrance.  The planes are full sized.
The spitfire from higher up.
We walked through all ages of wars, saw some amazing and some terrible things. 

  It really makes you think.  It wasn't all doom and gloom however, this poster made me laugh.
When we came out we found somewhere by the Thames to have some lunch.
We crossed The River and looked up to St Pauls.
One of the bridge supports had old skateboard decks and shoes on it, I'm not sure why!

On our way back we had time to stop at St Pancras Station.  It was fantastic.
Two Eurostar trains were in.
Sir John Betjeman's statue.
The Meeting Place Statue in front of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. 
 This is 9 metres, 30 foot high.
Above them are these Olympic rings, they are 30 metres, nearly 100 foot wide, the first thing you see if you step off the Eurostar.
The roof was beautiful too.
We travelled back to Paddington on the Tube, changing a few times to DS' delight and then train back to Theale.
I needed a good soak in bath when we arrived home, I had really sore feet!

We actually saw some sun today so I've been in the garden, wearing my new gardening gloves.
Aren't they pretty? seems to shame to get them dirty.
I love the bright green leaves of these aquilegias. 
As I dug up the weeds today I was surrounded by chattering sparrows and followed around by a robin eating worms.  Could I get a photo of him? No.

I got this month's Phoenix Friendship Squares off this week.  I'm going to do May's at the start of the month rather than the end!

And the Jacket?  still sewing up, here's a picture just to prove it!
I didn't manage the Scavenger Hunt for April, what with one thing and another, but I won't beat myself up about it.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely week, and if you're in the UK, enjoy your Bank Holiday tomorrow.

Bye for now....................Clicky Needles.

Thursday 3 May 2012


Hello there!
I'm been a bad blogger, missed my Sunday post.

On Saturday I went to Wonderwool along with my friend Romain and a coach load of others.

You may have read other's blogs about reports of the cold, and I too, can confirm it was freezing, concrete barns were not built for warmth.
Anyhoo there were some lovely wooly sights.
The Alpacas from Toft Alpacas.
Various sheep, I didn't note down what they all were - sorry!
The goodies I bought.  500g of 4ply to dye, a summer cardi perhaps?
Some buttons, I never seem to have enough.
A large button ~ the coaster to give scale, to go on a as yet, unmade felted bag.
Some alpaca/merino mix to dye.  This is soooo soft.
Lastly, a cone of dark purple New Lanark Aran from Woolfish.  You may remember the Woolfish Jacket I made back in November, this is the same yarn.
We had a super time squishing, chatting to the stall holders and just being surrounded by wooly goodness.  It was all very tiring, and I need a quick nap on the coach on the way home.  Romain confirmed however, that I didn't dribble, snore or talk, so all was well.

Despite my bold prediction last week, the cable jacket isn't yet finished.  I'm on the collar so nearly, but not quite.

Well, I hope you have a nice weekend, this nasty cold rain stops and we get some sun!

Bye for now..............Clicky Needles.