Scavenger Hunt

Monday, 27 January 2020

Meet Minty

Hello Folks.

As the weather this Sunday was predicted to be miserable (what the weather man actually said) I decided to make the day a sewing day.  Before I show you what I got up to I realise that I haven't yet introduced you to Minty.

Minty is a 1967 white Singer Featherweight that I bought from a wonderful man about 45 minutes drive away from me.  Sadly, his wife had died, she used to own a needlecraft shop and their home was filled with antiques of all sorts and lots of sewing and knitting things.  He made me a cup of tea, played me a song on the Jukebox in the dining room and I spent most of my time saying, "oooo" or "wow" or "oh my, you've got a ........."

Minty dates from 1967 which is the same year as me and although she is a officially called a white Singer, there is definitely a tinge of green in the paintwork.  They are quite often called Celery or Mint.

I came away with other treasures as well.  A Vulcan chainstitch toy machine from the 1950s which needs a little work to get it working.

An enamel Singer sign.

And a beautiful set of Sylko drawers

Complete with a rainbow of threads.  I love these drawers so much.

Anyhoo back to my Sunday.  I spent 4 hours cutting out squares for a quilt I am making for my very good friend.  The blocks are a Christmas Tree and the quilt is called Holiday Patchwork Forest.  Pattern here.

I strip pieced with Minty.
I love strip piecing, so quick and easy.

After some more joining and pressing, I'm almost up to single bed size.  Although this is a Christmassy theme I have used reds/pinks/greys/greens and only used one Christmassy print.

Whilst cutting the squares I cut double, so my next pile to sew is almost ready to go.

I visited Miss Clicky and Baby Needles today and i was able to take over this hat and cardigan that I have just finished.  

The cardigan is the same pattern as the one I made just before Christmas minus the eyelets and with a contrast row of purl.  Sadly the other cardigan didn't survive the washing machine.  My fault, I thought the yarn was machine washable, but the felted cardigan said otherwise.  This set is made in Drops Karisma so is definitely machine washable.

Lastly that lovely bright yarn I showed you last time?  Not a temperature blanket, which I would love to be making but it is a bit tricky with being away, it's a blanket for Baby Needles for when she is in her buggy.

That's me for now, I am confined to barracks tomorrow because my car is in the garage, so I'm thinking of a bit more sewing.  What will you be up to?

See you soon...........Clicky Needles.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Happy New Year

Hello Folks.

Firstly I need to say Happy New Year to you.  I hope you had a good Christmas, ours was great.  I celebrated another birthday, Mr Clicky was with us for two weeks, we met up with family and friends and we spent loads of time with Baby Needles.  

I have making as well.  I gave these wrist warmers to my niece for Christmas, made in Katia Polaris, a lovely quick and easy knit.

I completed the stitchy bit of the winter Craftpod box.

I finally got round to binding the baby quilt I made from Clicky's old work shirts in June ~ remember when purple shirts were a thing? ~ I made the binding using the left over bits.

I made this quilt using Ivy, my 1892 Singer handcrank.  
As I was trying to take some decent photos of it, I realised I had the perfect place by stuffing  carefully placing the edge of the quilt in the electrical conduit on our breeze block wall.  The perfect display place.

Before Christmas I bought myself something a little indulgent.   Our kitchen/living extension is a large space of 9m x 3m and is tiled throughout.  We also a lovely fluffy felt rug perfect for popping toes in.  The trouble with that is, fluff balls everywhere.

I bought myself a robot vacuum cleaner.  It is simply brilliant and named Colin.  I have it programmed to clean at 8am; it goes over the hard floor, under and behind the sofa, through the chair legs and dining table and into the living room and over the carpet there.  When it has finished, it goes back to the charging station.  If it gets tangled up ever, it beeps and shuts down.  The other morning I found it had eaten a loo roll like the Andrex Puppy.

We didn't go overboard with presents this year, but I received some knitty themed things.

My Mum gave me the two mugs at the back, love a knitted mug, and my lovely knitting pal Romain gave me the coaster and a tiny tin with stitch markers in.  Romain is a master at hunting down knitting presents, I'm not sure where she finds things!  The tin is so tiny, I have already lost it 3 times!

Romain also gave me this cracking Christmas card, made, I think, on a Cricut machine.

Lastly a yarny delivery I received this week.  I wonder what it might turn into?

Right, that's me for now I'm off to catch up on blog reading, it may take a while!

Bye for now...............Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 15 December 2019


Hello there.  

I have been making an effort to get bits and bobs finished.  You know how it is, that last little bit of finishing never gets done.

These houses were free with a Christmas magazine last year?  maybe the year before.  I stitched the cross stitch straight away but hadn't got round to the final joining and stuffing.

As always with a kit on a magazine, the supplies were at a bare minimum and there wasn't enough felt to back all three houses, so I found some in my stash.  

Finishing No 2.  A pair of Joes Toes slippers for Baby Needles.  I bought the felt bottoms Wonderwool this year.  Knitting the uppers was a very quick job in a chunky yarn I found in my stash.

They have been sitting around on the side for several months waiting for me to sew them up.  The soles have holes punched in to enable you to join.

All finished now.

Arm warmers.  I started these about a year ago, finished one arm and hadn't bothered to make the other.  These (should've) been a really quick make in Aran wool but........

Will I wear these?  When I am a bit chilly and having a Highlander moment, maybe.

A cardi for Baby Needles.  This should've been another quick project using up some double knit, it's not large.  It sat around for a long time as I procrastinated and didn't move anywhere, mainly I think, because I was running out of yarn and knitting both sleeves at the same time so as not to end up with one sleeve longer than the other.

Anyhoo, I found some mismatched buttons yesterday and sewed them on.

My last thing to show you today is my advent tea light calendar.  I like an advent candle but more often than not, it burns down several days at a time because I forget to blow it out.  Advent tea lights therefore are an excellent solution.  They seem to be disappearing a bit too fast for my liking though.  

Master Clicky and me picked up our Christmas Tree on Saturday but it is in a bucket of water outside still and I still have presents buy/wrap/make.  Mr Clicky comes home on the 21st and I'm not sure whether he will be a help or hinderance.

See you soon.................Clicky Needles.

Monday, 2 December 2019


Hello All.

December seems to have crept up on me, this morning we woke to a frost.   Not that I'm complaining, anything is better than rain.

I have a few things to show you today.  The first is a cross stitch sampler that I made whilst I was away, for my lovely little granddaughter Willow.  She delights me every time I see her, and is growing fast.  She now has two, very sharp, teeth.

I looked on Pinterest for samplers with Willow trees in and came across this pattern which was on sale on Etsy from AnnieBeezFolkArt.   Bizarrely, she lives about five miles from our apartment.   It is from a set of four; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, called Sheltering Tree, with the tree in various colours and different animals underneath.  I took the season name out added Willow's, and took the whole thing down to add the birth date.  

I found a box frame in The Range and used a piece of Foamboard also from The Range to stretch it over.  It went in and out of the frame several times because I managed to trap some glitter in with it from something else I bought.  It is now in Willow's nursery.

I took it into my head about a week ago to make an Advent Calendar for my (grown up) children.  I had a peruse of Pinterest and thought that paper stars looked good.  This was an easy job.  Cut out stars from brown paper and sew round the outside whilst popping a sweet or chocolate inside.  Easy but time consuming.  Cutting out 100 stars took quite some time even with several layers at once.   I found some red metallic thread in my sewing box which I bought years ago because Shiny Thing! but had never used because I thought it would be difficult to sew.  
Actually it was a doddle, no different from ordinary thread.  Sewing the stars ~ with a needle I keep for paper sewing ~ was again easy, but time consuming.  It is actually my sort of sewing, no need for accuracy and fun to whizz along.  You'll notice I am using my modern 'plastic' machine.  Master Clicky is currently working on a motor of a vintage machine I may have acquired, more on that another time.

Anyhoo, the end result.  The Advent Calendar that is for Master Clicky tied up in our kitchen between the lighting conduit.  I didn't put any sweets in for me, I have cut down a lot in my chocolate consumption since returning from my travels and I don't seem to crave it anymore.

For Miss Clicky and her husband (husband, that still sounds weird!) I cut a piece of contorted willow from the garden and they assembled theirs hanging from a door.  I love how this one looks.

I have been sorting things at home, going through old paper work and shelves, the vast majority of which need chucking out.  Not a nice job but so worth doing.  I also need to reclaim the spare bedroom from Master Clicky's 'stuff' which he lobbed in there whilst, 'Sorting out my room.'  I am trying to persuade him to part with electronic Battleships, numerous old cricket bats and a selection of toy guns, 'Do you really need them?'  

Right, that's me for now, I have a not very nice dental appointment this afternoon, so wish me luck.  

See you soon.........Clicky Needles.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Blue and White

Hello Folks.

I arrived back in the UK safely following a tedious night flight.  I find it hard to sleep on planes, so I don't bother trying ~ I get grumpy if I try to sleep and can't!  Baby Needles and Miss Clicky arrived at home just about the same time as I did, so despite the fact I was desperate for sleep I spent the afternoon having wonderful cuddles.

Our house was still standing, it needed a bit of sorting as you'd expect if a leave a 20 year old boy in charge but it wasn't too bad.  

Before I left I took loads of pictures of the quilt I made on my two vintage Singers.  

Oh my goodness I love this quilt.

There are I know, a lot of things I should have differently and this was very much was a learning curve.

I used a small jelly roll which came from Joanns.

I had to add the white squares in to make it big enough for a queen bed and still had to add extra navy blue cotton around the edges.  

I spray basted the quilt sandwich on our living room floor ~ tricky because our carpet is quite long.  I realised afterwards I should have done it on the stair landing in our communal area which has carpet tiles and is a lot harder, but never mind.  I used cotton batting.

I quilted the central panel around the squares.  I did try to 'stitch in the ditch' but I didn't always remain in the ditch.

The edges were quilted about 4cm apart which I did by eye on my Red Eye Singer.

The quilt has already been used, when the snow came and it kept us toasty warm over the duvet.  I hadn't appreciated just how warm it would be.

I put the basting off for some time, but as it turned out wasn't quite as scary as I thought it would be.

I sewed the scraps of the jelly roll together.

And made a little pincushion.

The quilt is keeping Mr Clicky warm now, there's been more snow.

That's me for now.  See you soon...Clicky Needles.

Monday, 4 November 2019

Crochet Cardigan

Hello Folks!

As much as I have enjoyed embroidery and sewing things on my vintage Singers, I have also been indulging in some Box Set crochet.

I have been interested obsessed by Finnish Artist Oma Koppa.  I'm not sure that she blogs any more but I came across this post and knew I needed to have a go.   She draws lovely pictures of her crochet with chalk which, upon first glance, appear to be clear instructions but as I tried to work them out, a little improvisation was needed.  

I had some Drops Nepal languishing in my stash so I pulled it out.

The cardigan is a very simple boxy shape and was pretty easy to do.  

Once I had the motifs worked out, I made 9 for the back and 12 for the front.

I crochet joined the motifs through the back loop with a slip stitch.

There was a bit of faffing and undoing to get the arm holes the right size and when I had sorted them out there was even more faffing with the sleeves.  The first one was too baggy so that was ripped back but as they are a treble and a chain they were quick and easy to do.  I decreased every six rows or so, trying on for size all the time.

I made the sleeves to come just over my wrists,

and added a scalloped edge 

which made the sleeves bell out.

I continued the scalloped edge around the bottom and neck.

Working without a pattern was incredibly liberating and as you can probably tell, I have really enjoyed making this.  It's been just the thing for our colder weather.  Later on today I am catching my flight back to the UK and the cardigan is staying here.

I have got a helix stripes toe-up sock started for the journey and I have moved my seat to the rear of the plane for 4 reasons.  1.  Empty seats ~ when I checked in ~ around me.  2.  Toilets near  3. Aisle seat and 4. Close to the flight crew ~ I have found when I knit with my light on I get lots of offers of 'something to drink?' 

I'm waiting for Mr Clicky to get in from work and take me to O'Hare.  It's been a bit mad being here, when I came it was Summer and now it's nearly Christmas.  Phew.  I am so looking forward to catching up with family and friends and of course, Baby Needles.  She was 2 months when I left and now she is nearly 5 months.  She has changed so much, I have lots of cuddles to get in and make up for lost time.

See you soon.............Clicky Needles.