Scavenger Hunt

Wednesday 16 December 2020


 Hello All!

I have been darning Master Clicky's work jeans which all seem to be giving up the ghost at the same time.

I used my lovely Singer 201, with dropped feed dogs and a vintage darning foot.  I needed the embroidery hoop to keep the fabric taught but it was really tricky getting the seams through.

I then sewed free motion forwards and backwards.
This pair also had a ripped pocket.

I darned over this too.

The next pair had a hole in the leg.  This was caused by a drunken rugby tackle on the way back from the pub; in the days when we could still go to pubs.

This was a little harder to get flat, as the lycra in the jeans stretched a bit.

The third pair was another wear and tear issue.

Again, I sewed across the rip, pulling the fabric in.

Master Clicky was mildly impressed and I was quite pleased with how they turned out too.  The next job is to run them through the washing machine with black dye as they have all turned grey!

Master Clicky and I collected our Christmas Tree on Saturday and the lovely man let me have lots of cuttings that get thrown away.  I used them to make a wreath for the front door.  I had a straw base from last year's wreath that I saved.  I cut the trimmings and just shoved (technical term there) them into the base.
I then found some decorations in the stash.  It has turned out to be rather large and it reaches from one side of the door to the other, I wasn't thinking it would be so big but never mind.   The best thing is that it was totally free.

Time marches on and I still have presents to buy although Christmas will be very low key this year, Mr Clicky is not coming home.  I have started decorating but there is more to do.

I am pleased to report that the dog's paw is healing well now and he is back to his bonkers mad self.

Well, that's me for now, keep safe....... Clicky Needles.

Friday 4 December 2020

Chrimbly Countdown Photo Scavenger Hunt No 1

 Today I am joining in with a Chrimbly Countdown Photo Scavenger Hunt organised by Hawthorn.

We are posting a single picture on a Friday.  Today's theme is decorations, or more specifically a favourite decoration.  Now, I know this year had been just rubbish but my decorations are still firmly packed away in the attic and won't be out for a while, so my picture is of my Christmas Bunting I made a few weeks ago.  The red fabric is definitely my favourite of them all and I'm super pleased that I got the pattern centred too.

Use the link to see to see some more decorations.