Scavenger Hunt

Thursday 9 May 2019


Hello All!

Today's post is all about making. 

Before I show you my making I need to tell you what Master Clicky made.  42 runs (not out) in his cricket match on Saturday.  He is a lower order end batsman (one of the last to go in for bat), his average is 5 or 6 runs per match, he is primarily a wicket keeper and fielder.  He was on good form, and, he assures me, could have kept on, but ran out of overs.  I am pleased he has had this success because unfortunately, his temporary work contract has come to an end.  He is now looking for a new job and facing uncertain times. *sigh*

As I waiting for the kitchen floor to dry after I cleaned it the other other day (I know, cleaning!) I sat at my desk and found myself making necklaces.  I delved into a little stash of felt balls that I have  (which came from Amazon) and came up with two different ones.  The first, a mix of blues with green,

and the second, a more vibrant mix.
I have had the beaded balls for ages; for this necklace I also added small wooden beads.

Obviously, these are incredibly quick and easy to do, thread and knot, but so satisfying.

I have also made some pom pom cushions for Miss Clicky's wedding to go in the relaxed seating area.
I have hooked up a couple more crochet twine baskets, I love making these, quick and easy.  They are sitting on my desk with things in them now. 

When I was in the garden centre the other day, I came across some twool.  It's like twine but made from wool of Whitefaced Dartmoor Sheep and a British product.  You can read all about the company here.
It very much appealed to me and I have been making more little baskets.

These are about 10cm in diameter, and I have made them for my face scrubbies to go in.

Speaking of face scrubbies, I have tried a different pattern to my original batch which were made with trebles and a bit holey.  I have made some using double crochet the same as the bottom of the little baskets, which I find better to use, no poking your finger through when trying the cleanse! 
I am also forging ahead with the Climb Every Mountain jumper, I have split the sleeves off and carrying on with the main body which is just as well because the stitch count had got to 400 odd per row and taking a long time.

So that's me and my making, what have you been up to?

Bye for now.......Clicky Needles.