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Monday 20 July 2015

A Bit of Cricket

Hello All!

Mr Clicky and I went with our friends to The Cheltenham Cricket Festival last week to see a T20 match.  The Festival is held in the rather splendid grounds of Cheltenham College.   This is The Chapel end.
The Pavilion is just as impressive.
The weather was well......changeable.  It was raining one moment and blazing hot sunshine the next, making me wish I had thought of suncream.  We found ourselves a place in the stands, blew up our clackers
and got our 4 and 6 sign ready.

Gloucestershire were playing Kent.  Sadly Gloucestershire lost in the last few overs but it was a close match and we had a great time.

I haven't told you about my new camera.  I've had it a few months, and I am very impressed with it.  The main reason I got it ~ apart from the fact it is purple ~ is that it has a 24 x zoom.
This means I have a new obsession ~ taking pictures of the moon.  I couldn't do this with the old one and boy, am I making up for lost time.
I also captured a random planet (I think) ~ dunno which, if anybody does let me know!

School finished for the children on Thursday and for staff on Friday.  I've been in today however, to get all the peg labels in the cloakroom for KS2 done.  As I am the teaching assistant in KS2 it's all down to me.  One year I forgot completely and when we arrived back in September, 60 children looked at me and said "Where shall I hang my things?"  Not making that mistake again!

I'm off to our french house with my friend on Friday to do some more work.  You can find what we got up to on our last trip here.  It's really coming together.

See you soon...Clicky Needles.

Sunday 5 July 2015

A Beautiful Day

Hi All.

We had a fantastic family day on Friday.  My brother got married.

It was at a lovely hotel in Cheltenham.  The weather was perfect ~ overcast so not too scorchingly hot but warm nonetheless.   The ceremony took place under the arches of the door and the small group of family and close friends sat facing in.  Now I'm not going to post any pictures of my brother and my new sister in law but I will show you some lovely touches. 
Miss Clicky had her hair pinned up with a lovely slide in it.
She was wearing mad shoes!  4 inch heels.  She was supported by her boyfriend and Master Clicky when she need to walk.  She did manage all day in them though.
 The bride and bridesmaid carried beautiful bouquets of peonies and canterbury bells.  The grey silk behind is the bridesmaid's dress.
 They both had flowers in their hair.
 The bride's dress was stunning, embroidered and beaded.
The staff couldn't do enough for us, at one point I had 3 drinks on the go, G&T, red wine and champagne!
 Mr Clicky was best man, he made everyone laugh with stories from the past.  After we had eaten we played games outside on the lawns.  Miss Clicky and her boyfriend playing Jenga. 
It was a black tie event, and some of the boys wore of pointy shoes.  I tried to take photos without them noticing!

We had a wonderful day, everyone was smiling and the couple were indeed, happy.  As we went to bed the humid day finally broke and there was a terrific thunderstorm.  The day will be a treasured memory for years to come.

See you soon............ Clicky Needles.