Scavenger Hunt

Sunday 28 June 2015

Another Tote Bag

Hello Folks!

Master Clicky has finished now his GCSEs, and school as well.  The secondary school that he and Miss Clicky went to is now no longer in our family life.  This feels a bit strange. 

 I have made another 40 minute tote from The Purl Bee, for Master Clicky's head of year.  This last year hasn't always been a smooth one for him but she was very supportive and I wanted to give her something that wasn't the usual box of chocolates.  As this is the 4th one I have made, I am getting quicker, but I'm not yet down to 40 minutes!  This one is also made from tea towels.  The straps don't have a green tinge, just strange light.  
The reverse has a geometric print.

All in all I'm pleased with the results.  It is a little narrower than I had hoped, but I used one tea towel for the lining and the other for the outer, therefore I didn't have much fabric to play with!

My iPad has been out of action for a week or so while the glass was being fixed, so work on my Daybreak Shawl has progressed nicely.  There will be lots of pesky ends to deal with but heyho!  I'm nearing the border, but the rows are getting so big.   At knitting group yesterday I managed 6 rows in 2 hours :-)
I'm very busy at work at the moment, we have the end of year production with all it's props and costumes to sort, books to be archived, mountains of filing to do, sports day...............oh! and children to work with too.   

I leave you with my latest gardening gloves,  snazzy aren't they?  I couldn't decide which I liked the most, spots or plain, so I bought them all.

Righto, I'll see you all soon.

Bye for now..........Clicky Needles.

Thursday 11 June 2015


Hello there.

I'm back from France and lots of work.  It's great to go and work on the house but it means that the time for half term doesn't get spent here, in this house.  I'm just about catching up.

The garden was looking a bit like a jungle but I'm not showing you that! instead I found some flowers.

I have lots of self seeded alliums,  I love the purple balls that appear.
I've also got the large alliums, this is like a football when it's fully open.
Aquilegia, love these colours.
A blousy red poppy.
Love in the Mist
and our clematis Montana, which needs a jolly good chop back, a job to be done when it's finished flowering.
I didn't do an awful lot of knitting whilst in France, mainly due to the fact that I was too tired to knit in the evenings.  To be honest I could barely lift a wine glass although we did manage one very low scoring game of Scrabble.

Back at home I've added some of the colour rows to my Daybreak and I'm very pleased with it.
 It's been a quiet week here, just Master Clicky and me.  Mr Clicky has been in Germany on business and Miss Clicky in Turkey enjoying the sun.  Master Clicky continues on with his GCSEs he's got just two left now.

That's me for now, I'll let you know when tales of our French exploits are ready!

Se you soon......Clicky Needles.