Scavenger Hunt

Friday 26 June 2020

June Scavenger Hunt

Hello there.  

Here are June's Scavenger Hunt pictures.  

My Garden

Part of my garden that used to a wood/pallet dumping ground.  If you walk down there now you are rewarded by an orange blossom by the woodshed.


Verbena Bonariensis, coming out this week.


A bumble bee on my cirsium.


The sun hadn't quite risen when I took this early one morning, but it was on it's way.

Something Wild

My hair.  Roll on 10th July when I have a cut booked.

My Own Choice.

An impromptu acrobatic display from a local pilot above our house.  It brightened our day. 

I can't believe June is drawing to a close.

Check out other's pictures here.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

A Bit of This and That.

Hello there.

I didn't really have much of a thought about where this post is going so I have gone through my cameras ~ Nikon SLR Bridge, Canon point and shoot and phone.  Oh the choices!  So here are my pictures from the last few weeks.

A 60th Birthday card I made for a friend of mine.  She is 60 going on 20, we have been to festivals, danced and shared a good old pint at Stroud Brewery many a day.  Sadly there was no party, so family and friends recorded messages for her.  

I sewed this card by hand, not free motion machine embroidery as I had hoped, not learnt yet!

Another card a few days later this time machined but not free motion, still not learnt, for my very own granddaughter, Baby Needles.  I cannot comprehend how a year has gone by since she was born.

We had a socially distanced party in Miss Clicky's garden.

She has been closely inspecting her card.

It was lovely to be able to spend some with with her.

A week or so ago whilst I was outside enjoying the sunshine I heard a small plane engine.   It was giving us a display.  It was rising and falling and I dashed inside to grab my camera.  It was incredibly fast and heart in mouth stuff.  

Master Clicky joined me to watch and I said that I thought it looked like a heart.  He regarded me in that way you humour your parents and told me it definitely was not.

We left it at that.  The pilot finished having his fun and flew back towards Cheltenham.

A few days later what should I see?  My friend Gill who lives 3 miles away was underneath the plane and confirmed it was a heart.  I very smugly showed Master Clicky.   Thanks Gill.

In the garden the Allium's flowers have fully opened up and it is stunning. 

A pink 

and white Astrantia.

This week's supermarket peonies.

Sigh.  I love them so much.  My white one hasn't flowered this year, I'm not sure why.

As Lockdown eases I venture out more.  Some shopping trips have been really easy with pleasant staff but our local diy store will not be seeing me for some time.  We'll leave it at that.  Our weekly zoom knitting meetings continue and they are keeping me just about sane.

That's me for now, keep safe.......Clicky Needles.

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hello Folks.

I decided to join in a Photo Scavenger Hunt this month.  I haven't done them for quite a few years, the group I was in had to find 10 things and sometimes that was a bit too much.  This one is being run by KJSutcliffe at I live, I love, I craft, I am me and is only a list of 5 things and a choice of our own.  I have fallen down at the first hurdle though, I missed the deadline date!  Anyway here are my pictures.


Colin, my robot vacuum cleaner.  Life changer.


The triangles of my Patchwork Forest quilt top, which I finished in May.


My quilting square, without which the above trees would have been more difficult to make.  (I thought quilting rulers were not really necessary, how wrong could I be?)


The flowers of my Allium Christophii.


Pigeon Poo

My Own Choice

A Foxglove just starting to bloom.

Those are my pictures for May.  

I will watch the deadline for June!

Bye for now .................Clicky Needles.