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Sunday 26 September 2010

A Bit Chilly

That Autumn feeling is here.
A bit of a chill in the air.
We lit the fire for the first time today.
I've fully recovered from the bug thankfully and I've got my Raspberry Slipover completed.
I used Stylecraft Life Chunky and a Sirdar pattern, my tension was a bit off ~ but it turned out OK in the end.
Not finished the Purple Cardi but that will be soon I think.
I went to my Knitting Group on Saturday at The Butterfly Garden and we had a really good turn out. The room was full on knitting chatter and lots of laughs and had a lovely atmosphere. It was great to see so many people there.
When I got home I found DD had a horrific injury.
Well maybe not.
She had undergone Wilderness First Aid Training as part of D of E.
The 'injury' was very lifelike ~ apparently she had slipped and managed to get this stick stuck in her face.
She soon managed to remove it however as we went to visit friends that evening!
I seem lacking in things to say today ~ not like me at all! ~ so I'll just say have a great week.
Bye Clicky Needles.

Wednesday 22 September 2010


Hi There!
Back to school for two weeks and the bugs have started flying around.
Me and my fellow three other Lunchtime Supervisors have all managed to be ill with colds/headaches/sore throats. We've decided that it would be better if we did not speak to each other. The four of us have all had to have some time off in the last week.
I had a very quiet day yesterday just sitting on the sofa ~ wearing ~ yes you've guessed it The PJs wrapped up in my nearly finished Wavy Blanket feeling sorry for myself.
The Blanket has grown a bit.
Very nearly there!
This weekend DD was putting some practice in for her Duke Of Edinburgh's Silver Award. She spent a day in the Forest of Dean and camped overnight and then down to the Black Mountains for navigation.
On Saturday Mr Clicky Needles, me and DS had some time out in the Cotswolds and were lucky enough to see a Spitfire, DC3 and probably the best of all a Vulcan flying to commemorate Battle of Britain day.
Sunday was lovely too as the rellies came down from London to meet us all for lunch. Great to see them.
DD arrived home in one piece as well!
On the knitting front I've nearly finished this tank top ~ a throw it on over the top affair for a bit of extra warmth ~ it's chunky yarn ~ I'm going for quick projects at the moment.
In the garden this agave is flowering and looks stunning.

Hopefully that slipover will be finished when I post next, and maybe the purple Cardi too!
Bye for now Clicky Needles.

Monday 13 September 2010

Flying Through The Air

Hello All.
Phew! what an action packed weekend we've just had.
Some (very) old friends of our's live at and run the Downe Scout Activity Centre near Biggin Hill in Kent.
As the season is nearly over for them they very kindly invited us up for the weekend.
Hence Flying Through The Air.
This is DD on the zip wire.
This DS managing to get upside down.
Mr Clicky Needles won this particular part of the afternoon by launching himself and making an inverted cross the whole length and shouting very loudly.
Mr Clicky Needles however, was a little slower on the high wires.
DD went around twice and managed to catch him up.
Yes she is jumping there!
DS only wanted to do this one once ~ but all the same was tremendously brave.
You'll notice there are no photos of me doing anything ~ someone needed to shout encouragement from the ground. I nearly half thought about the zip wire but decided against it ~ maybe next time...........
Well done the Clicky Needles gang ~ you were all great!
It was so lovely to see S and R after such a long time we had a real giggle and caught up on old times.
Thank you!!!!!!!
On the knitting front ~ the Purple Swingy Cardi is coming along well ~ just starting the sleeves now.
I knocked out these little mitts this week in Sirdar Crofter
and you'll notice I have gone with the flow and not matched them up ~ not like me at all!
I made most of one of these mittens whilst on the motorway to Kent, which DS has said are not for me but him and has now hidden them in his bedroom.
They are made from Drops Eskimo which is really chunky, loosely spun
and 100 per cent wool.
The Eskimo may not have been from stash.
I also needed 6mm and 7mm dpns to make them and got these from Drops as well.
I've never used Drops Needles before and they are lurvely.
Well I hope the week is good wherever you are.
See you soon........... Clicky Needles.

Monday 6 September 2010

Camping Weekend (Toasty PJs)

I just needed to update you on our camping weekend.
We were at a site right next to Upper Heyford USAF site. The site was abandoned by the US Air Force in 1994 so the area is a bit of a strange ghost town. Nevertheless we had a very pleasant weekend.

I can report my new PJs were simply D~I~V~I~N~E.
No waking up with chattering teeth.
I also ditched the (new) mummy sleeping bag (which I bought last year thinking it would save space) for the lovely old cotton lurid thing that is quite a few years old.
Ah Heaven!
I was soooooooo proud of my new PJs (yes you're right JosieKitten they are a bit Christmassy) I sat outside the tent in them for a good hour.
We had a nice walk in the sunshine and very strangely ended up at a pub ~ the boys were leading could that have anything to do with it?
Part of the fun with camping with B, S and J is the food we manage to consume.
We had a choice of breakfast,
which I chose
or English
which the others had.
We are carefully watched by Bertie, B and S's dog, who is loved very much by DS .
As per usual not a lot of knitting goes on during these weekends, too much fizz and giggling for concentration.

First day back at school with the kids today ~ it's really nice to see them all again, let's see if I think that by the end of the week!
Off to knit now to make up for the weekend.
See you.....Clicky Needles.

Friday 3 September 2010

A Quick Ta-Dah

Hi there.
I've got time for a sneaky Friday post.
I have a cushion to show.
I saw a similar cushion in Laura Ashley home for sale at £45.00, so I set about making one.
It is knitted in Cygnet Seriously Chunky which does what it says on the tin, and is 50cm square.
It took 6 balls and I used 12mm needles.
I'm very pleased with it ~ lovely and squishy and warm too. It may end up in Des Bon Amies I think.
Talking of good friends we're off camping with B,S and J today squeezing the last drop of sunshine out of the summer. As I type the car is packed to the gunnels and I'm just waiting for Mr Clicky Needles to return from work and the kids to come home from school and we'll be off!

DS had his first day at Big School yesterday which he says 'was easy' ~ he enjoyed it a lot and more importantly managed not to get lost.

With camping in mind I popped into town after work yesterday to buy some Primark PJs as I have been feeling the cold of late whilst camping.
Not are they only really, really warm they have glitter buttons and silver edging cord.
I do have to warn people heading for camp sites near Oxford however, I will be wearing them with pride ~ possibly all day!!
The Postie Step got finished this week and I planted down the sides with grasses that had self seeded around and about. We're quite proud of it!!!!
So much better than what went before.
Another project finished off ~ DD's mosaic that she made when she a few nights staying with B. B made this lovely mosaic at Les Cerisiers.
It's taking pride of place by the bubble pool, which I sat next to last evening ~ on the steamer chair ~ while I sewed up my cushion. The sky was beautiful and the sun was warm ~ although I did have to keep moving my chair as it dropped from sight.
Hoping for a good weekend whatever you're doing.
See you soon. Clicky Needles.