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Sunday 4 September 2016

Summer Holidays are Done

Hello Folks!

Firstly I have to say say thanks for your wonderful comments on my Afmaeli jumper.  I'm just waiting for winter now!    

Mr Clicky and me have been to France and of course, this means lots of time (when not driving) for knitting.  The first thing I made was a little crochet basket from Nutscene Twine, the sort you buy in the garden centre.  This was a quick little make finished by the time we got on the train at the Channel Tunnel.
I made this to go into our bathroom sink unit, every time I opened the door to get my toiletries out they all fell over and it was driving me bonkers so I thought a basket would do the job.  Sadly I ran out of string or I would have been making more.
The weather when we are at our our house was hot.  35 degree hot.  Lovely if you are sightseeing, sitting and relaxing.  We were indoors and painting.  This is the view from our attic bedroom looking up to Le Mont Saint-Cyr.
We did allow ourselves a trip up to the top when we finished work one evening and looked down over Southern Burgundy.    Our village, Montmelard, is on the right.
When I zoom you can see the village with our hamlet just below.  Our house is the first one of the terrace  on the right with the highest roof. 

Turns out we're on the map on top of the mountain too!

I mentioned that I was getting my sewing machine out to do some repairs to trousers and things.  One thing I was tasked with was mending Master Clicky's cricket pads.    He said that velcro had 'stopped working' and when the tried to run in them they fell off.  I wasn't too sure what he meant but on inspection sure enough the sticky bit of the velcro was no longer sticky.  I popped into Sew and Sew in Stroud and bought more, sewing it on was ok
until the needle got right into the pad.  I woman handled it through and I'm pleased to report that they now stay on when he is running.
With the sewing machine out I made a car bin with some of Mr Clicky's old jeans.   I had thought sewing the denim would be tricky but with a new denim needle it was a piece of cake.
The strap to go around the headrest is made from some bits of the waist band.  A bit rough it does the job!
Well that's me for now, back to school for the kids tomorrow, the staff have already been in last week.  Bye bye summer holidays I have enjoyed you, especially staying up late watching the Olympics.

See you soon......Clicky Needles.