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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Saturday 12th June. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

I'm very excited and needed to share it with you.
The Mobius is finished!!!!!!!!!!!
Which means I've cast on.
A SOCK!!!!!!
Yes, the Mobius is blocking at the moment and it is lovely (even if I do say so myself!) I finished yesterday afternoon in the sunshine in my favourite place. Piccy to follow.
But the more exciting thing is I've got socks on the go. Now, I didn't think I would get sooo excited about a sock, but the colours of the yarn are so darn nice.
It's more of that Kaffe Fassett Regia that was just such a bargain at Kemps.
These will have to be called World Cup Socks I think. I don't actually like football that much ~ more of a Rugby Union girl ~ but I DO watch the World Cup, we have the flags on the car and the Cross of St George hanging out of the window ~ so this will be a small project for the duration. I did all of this (3/4 way up the sole) last night whilst watching France v Uruguay last night so there might be lots of socks by the end!
I may have to start something else too.
So now onto gardeny things.
This is probably my favourite thing in the garden. I can be found stood next to it with a strange faraway look on my face. It is a Cirsium Rivulare and quite
The bees also love it and seem to get a bit drunk and woozy when they're on it.
Just a beautiful pincushion, and shocking pink!
More Alliums ~ this time a much larger type and more starry ~ lots of these popping up ~ again from seed heads.
And lastly a pretty foxglove.
Righto off to have a think about the next project ~ I shall report back when I have decided.
Have a lovely weekend wherever you may be.
Byeeeeee. Clicky Needles.

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