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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday 20th June

Hello All!!!
I've had a hectic week ~ I've been on two courses for work, which have both been great but means two days out of school which is not so great ~ and we're TRYING to get reports done as well ~ which for me means not writing comments, but getting everything on the report prepared for the teachers (for 90 kids) ~ this is not my favourite time of year!
I'm also feeling a little melancholic because these are the last few weeks DS (11) and me will be going to work/school together ~ he's off to secondary in September ~ so things at school will be a different for me without him around. (No more sneaky cuddles!)

The World Cup Socks are doing well ~ as you can see one is finished. The colours are so rich. These socks are, of course, for ME ME ME ME ME ME, I can't tempt anyone else in the family/friend circle at the mo' ~ never mind!
It occurred to me the other day that I hadn't actually shown you what The Big Project on the needles is, (I'm not counting the blanket as The Other Thing ~ that's very long term) anyhoo I got it out the other day to do some more.
It caught my eye because it's just a bit different. Made in Stylecraft Life yarn which is a wool/acrylic mix in this yummy orange colour.
You can see it's asymmetrical, has unusual pointy sleeves and is in 2x2 rib. Now I know that some people hate 2x2 rib but I find it quite relaxing and can get into a good rhythm whilst knitting it.
And now the gardeny thing.
This is a lovely Black Elderflower or Sambucus Nigra if you want to be latin. My Mum has suggested that I make Elderflower Cordial from the flowers and has sent a recipe ~ but I think rather than strip MY tree of flowers I'll find some bog standard wild ones to make it from ~ she says it is yummy ~ I'll report back.
Well, must go now to do some of that rubbish houseworky stuff and I should hit the garden too.
I've got two trips to go on this week with school ~ KS1 and Year 3/4 so pray for good weather please. I find trips exhausting at the best of times ~ so rain will not help my mood!!!
See you soon.
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  1. I love that jumper, it's very unusual. I have that elder plant too, yours is looking fab. :)

  2. Love the socks - great colour combination! Hope your week at school isn't too bad. I can't believe you have to sort out all the stuff for the teachers to write reports. Never heard of that before!


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