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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Sunday 6th June

Blimey it's June.
When did that happen?
We've had a good week off, just the last 6 weeks to go now to the big summer holidays. Yay!
Me and DD had some fun on Friday with some fibre.
From this.
To this........
......with lots of soap and water and squishing and squashing. This is a bit of a prototype ~ I think we need to make the spikes a bit shorter ~ but DD likes it and has worn it all weekend. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a colour change ~ we made a couple!
Garden progress ~ not much! It has been sooooo hot the best option was to sit still. DS mowed the lawn for me ~ I did offer but he said "No Mum, you're half naked!" I WAS wearing a bikini at the time but he wouldn't let me ~ I suppose it might have been scary for the neighbours. (Could be a future ploy for getting someone else to mow the lawn.)
Knitting progress ~ not much either. I really, really, really wanted to cast on for a new pair of socks (I've deffo got sock-itus) but resisted and started the Mobius again. Going ok-ish but it seems to be getting tedious.
I've also had a bit more of a go at my Ripple Blanket ~ it's about 1/4 finished. This I am still enjoying.
Today I've gone through all my stash and had a jolly good sort out. It took about 2 hours. A friend of mine said once "I've got lots of stash, but never the right yarn to make what I want!" I do know what she means ~ but getting it out and having a long hard look has been quite useful I think. The projects the I've knitted in my head this afternoon have been great!
I'm off now.
Thanks for reading, as always. Clicky Needles.


  1. Your Ripple blanket is looking fabulous. Are you just going for pot luck when you start a row, or is it more planned? Love the funky hair accessory! And what an excellent ploy to stop you from cutting the grass!

  2. I'm just making sure nothing clashes too much with the ripple!


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