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Monday, 13 September 2010

Flying Through The Air

Hello All.
Phew! what an action packed weekend we've just had.
Some (very) old friends of our's live at and run the Downe Scout Activity Centre near Biggin Hill in Kent.
As the season is nearly over for them they very kindly invited us up for the weekend.
Hence Flying Through The Air.
This is DD on the zip wire.
This DS managing to get upside down.
Mr Clicky Needles won this particular part of the afternoon by launching himself and making an inverted cross the whole length and shouting very loudly.
Mr Clicky Needles however, was a little slower on the high wires.
DD went around twice and managed to catch him up.
Yes she is jumping there!
DS only wanted to do this one once ~ but all the same was tremendously brave.
You'll notice there are no photos of me doing anything ~ someone needed to shout encouragement from the ground. I nearly half thought about the zip wire but decided against it ~ maybe next time...........
Well done the Clicky Needles gang ~ you were all great!
It was so lovely to see S and R after such a long time we had a real giggle and caught up on old times.
Thank you!!!!!!!
On the knitting front ~ the Purple Swingy Cardi is coming along well ~ just starting the sleeves now.
I knocked out these little mitts this week in Sirdar Crofter
and you'll notice I have gone with the flow and not matched them up ~ not like me at all!
I made most of one of these mittens whilst on the motorway to Kent, which DS has said are not for me but him and has now hidden them in his bedroom.
They are made from Drops Eskimo which is really chunky, loosely spun
and 100 per cent wool.
The Eskimo may not have been from stash.
I also needed 6mm and 7mm dpns to make them and got these from Drops as well.
I've never used Drops Needles before and they are lurvely.
Well I hope the week is good wherever you are.
See you soon........... Clicky Needles.


  1. I can't do high wire activities either! I dread school trips where the kids do them, incase I get pressurised! And don't think I didn't notice your admission about the Drops yarn! LOL

  2. Did I sneak my admission past you then JK? Ha, it worked!


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