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Sunday, 10 October 2010

A Double Ta-Dah!!!!!!!

Hello All.
As promised a Ta-dah.
The first one being the Grey Jacket that I mentioned last week.
It was really quick, easy and cheap coming in at £10.00.
Here it is ~ made in Stylecraft Chunky which is very warm in fact a bit too warm at the moment. I intend to wear it with a kilt pin to fasten it ~ which also gives it a better shape.
I've had a fairly quiet weekend ~ we packed DD off on another Duke of Edinburgh's practice expedition in the Black Mountains in South Wales. Her pack was very, very heavy ~ we did warn her not to fall over incase she ended up like an upside down tortoise unable to move.
Of course every trek needs food so amongst other things (copious amounts of Mars) she had some ration pack meals and Kendal Mint Cake.
She arrived back today very muddy but in one piece.

As I wandered past Shaws the Drapers in Stroud on Friday I was strangely drawn in through the door because they have a small amount of yarn. If I'm honest it's not even nice yarn but it's yarn all the same and sometimes you just have to look.
They had there Marriner Double Knit Acrylic and I have to sadly admit I loved the colours and at a Big Billy Bargain at £1.50 for 150g obviously had to buy.
The weather on Saturday didn't quite hit the 21 degrees that the weather man had promised (very grey, cloudy and boring all day) so I set about making this whilst watching the Commonwealth Games. The only problem is that I have made one squeak that put my teeth on edge and brought me out in a sweat ~ I kid you not ~ I really hate the sound ~ can't do polystyrene either!
I was hoping it could be a camping blanket and might go on DS's bed if he needed it ~ but he says it's just for His Bed.
Another Big Billy Bargain in Shaws was a jute shopping bag for 25p ~ so I couldn't pass that up either, so it's a project bag for the blanket.
After finishing my Grey Jacket and Purple Cardi ~ got to get the buttons on the Purple Cardi yet so you'll have to wait for piccys ~ I fancied something totally different.
So here it is ~ called a Baktus it's just a triangular scarf made with sock yarn. I've had this Araucania Sock Yarn for ages ~ one of the reasons being that it needs to be handwashed and is not machine washable like other sock yarns.
How do I know this? because I felted these little beauties ~ which took ages to knit because of the lace pattern ~ THE FIRST TIME THEY WERE WASHED.
So there were two lessons learnt that day
1. I don't like making lace socks.
2. Handwash specialist dyed and produced yarn.
Hah! I hear you thinking where is the other Ta-Dah. Well here it is ~ as today DID reach the 20 or so degrees predicted I tackled the front garden.
Remember how it looked?
Well, I think it's a lot better now.

I've dug up load of old big grasses and divided some others and planted them in drifts ~ it was amazing how many self seeded bits there were.
Last piccy ~ I've rambled on forever today ~ a sunrise one day last week. Despite the fact it should have been 'shepherds warning' the day turned out well.
Hope your days are good whatever you're up to.
Bye for now......... Clicky Needles.

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  1. Oh no!! I'm feeling your pain about felting the socks; and they were so gorgeous.

    Your front garden looks great - do you want to come and do mine ?! ;)


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