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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Rain, rain, rain.

I had the BEST day on Friday.
After doing the food shopping (boo) and running some errands I gave Lucy at Along Came Polly (my local yarn shop) a call. She's not long taken over the shop and I knew she had received a yarn order that time and customers weren't letting her get on the shelves.
So I went and gave her a hand. This is me sitting amongst all the lovely yarn.
Ahhhh heaven.
We had a super time talking yarn and yarny things and making the place look really pretty and colourful.
The rain came down and down and we were inside surrounded by yummy yarnyness.

On the way to the shop I had much childish fun seeing if I could make the H U G E puddles on the roads splash all the way over the top of the car.
Yep it worked.
I did think about getting the pedestrians too but decided that might be a bit mean.

The postie bought me a nice pressie this week from Amazon ~ isn't it good when they do that?
A lot of the patterns are made in one piece seamless construction.
A few nice things in it ~ I like these two.
This pink cardi is made from cuff to cuff and then the bottom is made upwards in one piece and added on. I'm not sure that I'd do the flower bit at the bottom and I'd possibly make the collar a bit smaller but on the whole I like it!
Whilst I was doing the shopping I got these lovely Gladioli ~ they were in the bargain bucket for £1.00. I've not been buying flowers lately as we've been trying the save money for the French house but for a £1.00 you can't really go wrong.
I had a potter around the garden on Saturday ~ did some dead heading and tidying up ~ the Sargentii Cherry is starting to change it's leaves to red.
This morning as the weather was yukky and wet again we decided to do the only thing you can ~ light the woodburner and make chocolate brownies. They are disappearing fast.
I've finished a Grey Cardi ~ which is blocking as I type and the Purple Cardi has the bottom of one arm to go ~ so expect a double ta-dah next week!!!!!
Hope the weather is good for you this week.
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  1. Oooooooh, bliss! What a great way to spend some time, surrounded by yarn, and making it all look lovely! Those brownies look scrummy too!


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