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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Time for a Rest

Waay....... Half Term has arrived.

I've been under the weather this week, not really bad but not great.
Anyhoo I woke up Friday morning with very little voice.
It was very quiet at the Butterfly Garden as I was just producing squeaks and odd sounds.
I'm pleased to report it's nearly back to normal now!

DD has had her ACTUAL Silver D of E Expedition.
They stayed for 3 nights and walked for 4 days through the Brecon Beacons and came out of the other side unscathed other than a few blisters. They left just as the first frosts of the Autumn fell. This was the moon (taken here) on their second night.
I dropped her off with the humungous pack and she set off in the minibus with 11 others. She was cold at night but has really enjoyed herself ~ being voted best navigator by her peers. They encountered several groups of soldiers and walked about 45km in total. I am tremendously proud of her.
No rest for the wicked ~ she was up and out this morning helping the cadets at the Stroud Half Marathon.

I've been busy with the Squeaky Blanket ~ I've now run out of yarn (there's no way it can be called wool!!!!) so I'll need to get some more when I'm next in Stroud.
My Herdwick Jacket progress is also good.
I wrapped the shoulder seems and joined them with a 3 needle cast off but because the right side is reverse stocking stitch the seem is coming out in ordinary stocking stitch and I'm not sure I can live with that.
I consulted with my knitting pal M and she thinks it will be better with a graft to the seam so I shall try that instead.
No Purple Cardi to show (I really do HATE sewing buttons on!) but I will endeavour to make myself do them this week!
I am slowing down this week just pottering around.
I hope you have a great one.
Bye for now..... Clicky Needles.

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  1. The blanket and cardigan are looking fab, and I love the photo of the moon. :)


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