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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Forgotten Scarf!

Hello All.
I hope you're all ok.
We've been to another National Trust Property called Hanbury Hall.
My brother and niece came too.
Quite impressive looking, it dates from 1701.
Side elevation!
The weather vane was quite impressive, but as you can see it was a bit of an overcast day.
As it was Father's Day there was a display of birds of prey. The 'headless' bird being a vulture ~ I think they were finding it a bit chilly.
This is Ted an Eagle Owl who was refusing to go back to the handler, as he knew his bit was over and he was about to be caught!
We wandered around and then had a picnic lunch ~ very nice.

When I looked back at my post for half term I thought that it was odd that I'd only managed to make a tea cosy with a whole week off.
Of course, I made something else I just forgot.
I used that wonderful Colinette Point 5 that I got at Woolfest and made a squooshy scarf, modelled here by our South Sea Island Head.
Not that he looks happy with it.
It was made with 12mm needles, so a quick knit!
The lovely yarn is really shown up well by the garter stitch.
I've been carrying on with the Granny Squares Baby Blanket this week and I'm also making the Friendship Blanket Squares for this month.

The weather hasn't been great but the plants don't mind too much.
This Sea Holly, Eryngium Giganteum, Miss Willmot's Ghost is as spiky as it looks. The story goes that Miss Ellen Willmott who became a garden designer in the late 1800s, would drop seeds of this around any garden she visited ~hence the name ~ she's not been here but it's seeded everywhere!
The frothy lime green flowers of Alchemilla Mollis ~ Ladies Mantle..........
....and the fuchsia pink of Lychnis. I love this colour.
Well, I'm off now, as always have a good week.
Byeeeeeeee.....................Clicky Needles.


  1. Oh my, I love your post! Love the historic building.. and the birds.. and your knitting.. and mostly I want to THANK you for identifying a flower that I have in my garden but I never knew what it was.. the Lychnis.. is there a common name for it? I have it all over the farm. I love the color too!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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